Today the North American Animal Liberation press office distributed a communique, dated July 21, which it said it received anonymously from the Animal Liberation Front. In the message, ALF claims responsibility for a July 18 “visit” to a Torrance animal-lab supplier. Compared to previous visitations, which have included torched automobiles, this one was relatively benign. The group, in fact, said it had merely left a “calling card” at the office and lab complex belonging to Phenomenex Inc., which supplies chemical and biochemical purification systems to laboratories. The only physical damage seems to have been a few knocked-over signs and dug-up planters outside the building, while some fliers were taped to its front doors.

ALF says it singled out the company because it supplies equipment to British-based Huntingdon Life Sciences, whose laboratories' use of animal testing has put it in the cross-hairs of radical animal rights groups. HLS says its mission is to serve “the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, crop protection, veterinary and food industries.” The message ended with an oblique threat to other HLS suppliers, including  “anyone from Staples to Novartis and GSK.”

When contacted by L.A. Daily, Karen Brauneck, a spokeswoman for Phenomenex, said the company would have no comment on either the ALF visit or its business relationships with other companies. She stated that Phenomenex does not conduct animal testing.

LA Weekly