The “communique” from a group claiming to be the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) struck a triumphant note:

“On Dec. 30th we decorated Jimmy Blackmans parents front porch at [address removed] in LA with red paint and glued their locks. This action was done to bring attention to the blood being spilled because of their son Jimmy. Obviously [names removed] haven't taught their son anything about accountability and consequenses; so we thought we would.”

Left: Previous demonstration at Jimmy Blackman's home by animal-rights activists

Right, Ed Boks: The real target?

This media alert was issued via the North American Animal Liberation Press Office,

although NAALPO doesn't say how it received the communique. As we

published this post calls to Blackman's office were not returned.

Blackman is a deputy to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Although there have been cases in which ALF communiques were proved to

be hoaxes, there have also been times when its targets' cars or homes

have been vandalized.  Previously confirmed targets include city

employee union leader Julie Butcher, the mayor's sister,  Deborah

Villar and former L.A. Animal Services general manager Guerdon Stuckey.

At the heart of the alleged attack lies an ongoing dispute about how L.A. Animal Services general manager Ed Boks runs

the city's six shelters. Animal-rights militants accuse Boks of not transforming LACAS into a no-kill system. 

While Boks himself has so far escaped ALF direct actions, Blackman has

been targeted because he is a liaison between the mayor's office and

LAAS.  Boks declined to comment for this story.

LA Weekly