This guitar phenom just released his debut album, Boiling High Idol, an uncategorizable mash-up of punk, electronica, Balkan folk melodies and unending, repeated melodic fragments that will leave you delighted and stimulated, if it doesn't drive you to madness first. You'd think it's the work of a lunatic, or maybe just a smart and friendly guy who shreds on guitar and cites experimental hip-hop group Death Grips as his latest inspiration. If he decided to focus on jazz guitar, Noice would be the next up-and-comer, but he's too deep into other muses to do that, plus it's hard to feel like you wanna jump off a stage at a jazz concert. His current band is a six-piece group with saxophone and two opera singers. If you like horror movies and Steve Reich serialism, this is for you.

Sun., Aug. 31, 9 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 08/31/14)

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