An is under fire for creating the technology that reportedly allows terror groups like Al Qaeda to recruit members and plan attacks.

Fox News this week called out El Segundo-based Internet Brands for its group-discussion platform vBulletin. Of course, blaming a tech platform these days would be like blaming the Alexander Graham Bell for all criminal threats made via telephone.

But Security consult Jeff Bardin claims that …

… 10,000 jihad groups use the service.

“We are putting virtual weapons out there with the source code — and we make it widely available,” Bardin told Fox.

vBulletin is basically software that allows anybody to create a community discussion board, like the ones you see for car aficionados, sports fans and followers of politics.

Internet Brands responded to Fox, saying that it terms of use prohibit, you know, using its platforms to help facilitate blowing stuff up and bringing down First World financial systems. And such.

A company spokesman:

As software providers, vBulletin's capacity to monitor content on the Internet is limited, particularly on websites using illegal, unlicensed copies of vBulletin. vBulletin — along with our parent company Internet Brands — in no way condones terrorist activity and cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies on any investigation it can be of help on.

Next up, Fox blames Google because terrorists also use gmail.

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