Charlie Sheen, we know these past few weeks have been hard for you. CBS and Warner Bros. pulled the plug on Two and a Half Men for the season. Your publicist dropped you. And you sound like a nutcase.

But there's way good news for you and your boys.

Researchers on Monday announced that a gel that you can apply to, um, a sexual recipient's areas shows greater promise in protecting against HIV than oral drugs. In other words …

… rubbing a gel made up of AIDS drug tenofovir on the vagina, or, if you so prefer, the anus, might actually work.

The gel version produced a 100-times higher concentration of the HIV-fighting drug in private parts.

Manly men need gel too.; Credit: CBS

Manly men need gel too.; Credit: CBS

(This has profound implications for the heterosexual porn industry, which has been under fire for essentially refusing to use condoms).

Results of the study were released at the 18th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. According to a statement from the University of Pittsburgh (Johns Hopkins also participated):

… Daily use of the vaginal gel achieved a more than 100-times higher concentration of active drug in vaginal tissue than did the oral tablet …

The bad news:

Participants used the product daily for six weeks to achieve the result. And American women who participated actually liked the tablet better rubbing themselves with gel every morning (wonder why?).

Would porn stars get into such a habit? Maybe if Sheen paid in advance.

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