AET REMOULD’s latest sale on full-ceramic new models is quickly grabbing massive attention.

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The sale will start on 20th May at 10 AM Germany time and end in one week.

The massive momentum and the crazy levels of success and growth a few industries over the years have created across the world have been mind-boggling. What has gone ahead in further stunning people is the consistency with which a few brands and businesses have moved forward in their respective industries, proving their mettle and showcasing why they stand distinctive from their competition and contemporaries in their markets. In all these years, especially in the last few years, the luxury watch remaking and modification industry has seen some of the most massive developments out there from across different parts of the world, which has offered people incredible looking and captivating watch pieces of varied top global brands. AET REMOULD has been one such astonishing company to do that consistently, allowing the company to remain one of the most talked-about brands in the industry.

AET REMOULD is currently making a lot of positive buzz as the company has come up with a fresh new sale for a limited period of time. Hence, this is a shoutout to all luxury watch lovers and enthusiasts. Get ready to get your hands on some of the most happening watch pieces out there by the company, which will be available for only one week. The sale starts at 10 AM on 20th May Germany time. AET REMOULD is remodelling full-ceramic new models, and its limited availability will be for one week.

Wondering what new AET REMOULD has in store for everyone this time? Well, Bergen and Hawaii are two exotic and beautiful places that people love travelling to. They are known for their charming and natural scenery and cultural charm. The watch remaking and modification company decided to optimize this beauty and bring that into reality in the new designs of their latest watch models. Yes, you read that right. These two models will be offered under AET REMOULD’s “Impression Collection,” where the company, for the first time, will be using a gradient design in the collection, with colour schemes that are designed in collaboration with well-known designers that have come together to recreate the ultimate beauty of these natural landscapes.

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The first model is “Bergen Sunrise,” which is inspired by the sunrise scene in Bergen on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by mountains and bays. As the sun rises, the piece will present with a charming light and a shadow effect. AET REMOULD tries to re-demonstrate this beautiful sunrise of Bergen on the dial, forming a gradient design from pink to purple, giving a dreamy look.

The other model is called “Hawaii Sunset,” which is a clever echo of the model Bergen Sunrise. It is said that Hawaii has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world because it has unique geographical and climatic advantages. The dial of this exquisite piece uses a gradual transition from yellow to green, depicting the gorgeous scenery of Hawaii at dusk.

Both these incredible latest models from AET REMOULD also stand different because of the use of the highest quality watch materials, where both the strap and the case are made out of white ceramic, which also makes these pieces very lightweight. Though making these with ceramics emerged as a highly challenging and demanding process, AET REMOULD spared no effort in making it possible and crafting stunning full-ceramic pieces.

So, waiting for what? Go grab your piece on 20th May at 10 AM Germany Time and make the most of their latest sale.

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