AeroFlexx is Flexing its Muscle as the Premier Liquid Packaging Solution for Brands, Consumers, and the Planet

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Brands that utilize liquid packaging solutions no longer need to choose between value, the consumer, or doing good for the environment. AeroFlexx, a full-service liquid packaging company, allows brands to have all three. Its innovative products combine the best attributes of rigid and flexible packaging into a single solution that enables a preferred customer experience, delivers significant brand value, and introduces unprecedented sustainability benefits.

Delivering value to customers through responsible design

Customers will find that AeroFlexx is a committed leader in the sustainable packaging industry, delivering a real and measurable impact. Its AeroFlexx Pak completely reimagines liquid packaging, providing a product that has less plastic, less waste, and less mess. No molds are needed to produce the AeroFlexx Pak, which means set up is easier and less expensive. In addition, the Pak allows for 360 artwork, which means there are no limits on creativity when designing product labels.

When it comes to shipping, the AeroFlexx Pak is a prep-free product. It is also lighter than traditional bottles and does not require the use of non-recyclable packaging peanuts or other packaging materials to protect it during shipping. Both of these factors allow it to be transported for less money and with less hassle.

Recently, AeroFlexx CEO Andrew Meyer spoke with The San Francisco Post about the benefits the Pak delivers in the area of shipping. He stated, “Unfilled, AeroFlexx Pak can be shipped flat so fewer ships and trucks are needed along the supply chain. And, once filled, they don’t break or spill. They don’t even need additional packaging, which saves more space as well as cardboard and those annoying styrofoam peanuts.”

Delivering value to consumers through thoughtful innovations

AeroFlexx has become a leader in its field by going beyond delivering benefits to customers and adding value to the consumer experience. Traditional rigid plastic bottles slow consumers down with caps, two-handed operation, and imprecise dispensing that can be wasteful and messy. The AeroFlexx Pak fixes all of those problems.

Rather than a cap, the Pak has a one-step, easy tear opening and a self-sealing valve that will not spill. Once opened, the Pak allows for liquids to be dispensed with one hand, providing precision dispensing that avoids waste and allows the product to last longer. Unlike traditional bottles with caps, the Pak avoids a buildup of gunky residue.

Meyer recently spoke with New York Weekly on the topic and stated, “The design of AeroFlexx packaging eliminates consumer frustration. Once a consumer tears open the Pak, they just need to grab and squeeze it to dispense, with the unique value design preventing any unwanted excess from escaping.”

Benefiting the planet with sustainability

Sustainability is another area where AeroFlexx shines. Its Pak uses 50 to 70 percent less plastic than a traditional rigid bottle. By incorporating up to 50 percent recycled content, the Pak also eliminates up to 85 percent of the virgin plastic that is needed for traditional rigid bottles. It also requires less energy for the production process and 73 percent less water consumption.

Recently, Meyer spoke with The Los Angeles Tribune and stated, “By adopting the AeroFlexx Pak, companies can accelerate progress toward their environmental, social, and governance goals. For organizations that have fallen behind their targets, our packaging also offers a quick and easy way to get back on track.”

In addition to source reduction, Aeroflexx also enables users to promote and participate in recycling efforts. The AeroFlexx Pak is an Interseroh “Made for Recycling” certified product, which ensures it can be conveniently recycled.

During his interview with New York Weekly, Meyer spoke about the importance of adopting sustainability efforts, saying, “Whether you are trying to sell the product on shelves in brick-and-mortar stores or marketing it via photos online, the AeroFlexx packaging can help you sell your product as upscale and eco-friendly. With 43% of US consumers saying that the environmental impact affects their purchasing decisions, it is more important than ever that companies make environmentally sound decisions.”

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