The Vegan Joint can't be smoked, but that's OK because all three locations (West Los Angeles, Hollywood and Woodland Hills) serve breakfast all day. Some might say that's even better than a vegan joint. They'd be wrong, but they'd say it.

Owner Rattana P. (who'd prefer her last name not be used) opened her first Vegan Joint in Culver City in 2006 and a second location in Woodland Hills in 2011. A third restaurant (in Hollywood) opened Nov. 8, so the idea of a 100 percent vegan eatery serving breakfast all day is obviously something that gets people excited.

And how could it not? It's hard to beat chicken pancakes (pancakes and crispy soy chicken) for lunch, or tofu scramble pancakes (pancakes, tofu scramble, faux cheese and soy bacon bits) for dinner — or tropical pancakes (served with bananas and blueberries).

There are also two kinds of hash brown plates (hash sold separately) and the option to build your own omelet with three ingredients from a list that includes mushroom, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, onion and avocado. Wrapped in a golden layer of tofu reminiscent of a traditional egg-based omelet, this veganized version of a classic breakfast dish is just like all those other omelets served at greasy spoon diners all across the country. This one, thankfully, comes without the greasy spoon.

The omelet alone is enough for two (sober) people, but for some reason also comes with two slices of toast, salsa, vegan margarine and a side of potatoes and peppers. You'll try to finish the massive meal in one sitting, but doing so is a sign that the dish isn't the only Vegan Joint you've been enjoying that day.

Obviously, the breakfast alone is reason to hit The Vegan Joint (pun most certainly intended), but don't count out the other dining options as the menu is peppered with Thai-inspired dishes such as the raw papaya salad. Served Thai-style, the dish comes with raw papaya, carrots, green beans, tomato slices, whole peanuts, garlic and a spicy lime dressing that comes with a definite kick. The portion is more than enough for two, but a word to the wise (or those on a date): The garlic is very noticeable.

For those crazy souls who don't want vegan breakfast or tasty salads, The Vegan Joint also serves an array of healthy wraps, six curries, eight soups, six dinner plates, nine rice dishes, faux chicken nachos and desserts such as cupcakes, raw cheesecakes, cakes and cookies.

And all-day breakfast!

The Vegan Joint offers free delivery within a three-mile radius for purchases of $15 or more, which is convenient for everyone, especially couch-locked customers who want to enjoy The Vegan Joint with a vegan joint.

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