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Jon Bunch in Sense Field's "Found You" video

If It Weren't for Jon Bunch, I Wouldn't Be a Music Journalist

Similar to the other 3,542 Facebook friends Jon Bunch had, yesterday I learned through social media that the former Reason to Believe, Sense Field and Further Seems Forever singer had passed away. I read the post, then re-read the post, thinking it couldn't be true. I had been awake since......
Credit: Flickr/Yoni Lerner

This Green Yemeni Hot Sauce Is Really, Really Spicy

The most important thing to know about Fala Bar, a vegan falafel joint in the Fairfax District, is that its s'rug is really, really spicy. One dab of this green hot sauce — a mix of cilantro, jalapeño, garlic, salt, pepper and hot pepper — on a sweet potato falafel ball......
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Vegan Mardi Gras With Chef Bryant Terry

When 41-year-old Oakland resident and author of Afro-Vegan cookbook Bryant Terry discovered his Mohawk Bend appearance was falling on Fat Tuesday, the former New Orleans citizen knew he had to throw a feast. And with a menu that is slated to include red beet tapenade crostini, dandelion salad with pecan......
Bryant Terry; Credit: Sara Remington

Afro-Vegan Author and Chef Brings Animal-Free Mardi Gras Party to L.A.

Just because a person is vegan doesn't mean he or she doesn't like to party. Just look at Bryant Terry, author of the cookbook Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed. When the 41-year-old Oakland resident discovered his Mohawk Bend appearance was falling on Fat Tuesday, the former New......
Loving at Cafe Gratitude; Credit: Photo courtesy of Cafe Gratitude

14 Places in L.A. to Have a Very Vegan Valentine's Day

There's no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a vegan meal. For starters, nothing had to die for you, which is pretty much the epitome of love. Then there's the fact that you're a normal human being and normal human beings want to get some on Valentine's Day......
Alex Hernandez; Credit: Photo by Paige Hernandez

Alex's Bar Celebrates 15 Years of Punk-Rock Insanity

A lot's happened in the 15 years since Alex's Bar opened its doors. For starters, 42-year-old owner Alex Hernandez says, the methadone clinic in the alley is gone. So is Sublime's secret tweaker pad that used to be nearby and the payphone where prostitutes would do business. More importantly than......
The author and Fabio; Credit: Josh Choe

Fabio Made Me Question My Veganism

It's not like I'm going to break straight vedge just because Fabio told me that vegans and vegetarians get bags under our eyes, but one look at the picture above and it's clear which person you'd be more likely to take health advice from. Still, I can't help but think......
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