Nowhere on My Vegan's menu does it say “Thai food” or “Thai cuisine” or even “pan-Asian,” whatever that means, but with an assortment of curries, pad Thai, pho, hang noodle, kung pao, miso, wonton soup, Thai iced teas and a Thai Arnold Palmer, you start to notice that, just maybe, there's an Asian theme going on.

So how is it this vegan restaurant with a heavy Asian-Thai influence has some of the best vegan chicken taquitos in town?

The dish is listed as an appetizer, although unless you just swam across the Pacific, there's more than enough to make it an entire meal. The menu also says you get two taquitos, which is sort of accurate as the food is sliced into halves, meaning you not only get a ton of food, you can easily share with a friend. Well, you probably won't want to share, but you could if you had to.

The taquitos come with a side of a mild “avocado sauce” that blends well with the faux chicken's kick. And, if the punch from the taquitos isn't enough, a splash (or a drowning) of Sriracha makes this a very tasty meal.

So what else should you order at a Asian-eque restaurant that serves deliciosos taquitos Mexicanos? The all-American BBQ buffalo drumsticks!

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Served with a side of carrots and celery sticks and a glob of Vegeneise, the five-piece appetizer is, once again, more than enough to make this an entire meal. Instead of a bone, these drumsticks are served on a stick, which comes in handy because the faux meat can get messy. Or, more specifically, the “meat” is chewy, which leads to homemade buffalo sauce getting on your cheek and not in your mouth. Perhaps these aren't the best items for people on dates, but if you've long crossed that line between caring what your co-diner thinks and getting a guaranteed goodnight kiss even with buffalo sauce on your face, these drumsticks are for you.

There's also a pasta menu, but the BBQ chicken and taquitos will have you longing for an elastic waistband, so maybe Italian cuisine can wait until next time. Full bellies aside, do not leave My Vegan without having the banana spring roll, in which bananas are deep-fried and covered in chocolate sauce and coconut shavings. Whatever type of cuisine this falls under is pretty irrelevant, because, really, A+ desserts know no regional boundaries.

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