After replacing its “Adult Services” section with a label titled “Censored” earlier this month, Craigslist finally confirmed that its haven for prostitution was shuttered for good. Sort of.

William Clinton Powell, director of law enforcement relations at the website, told a House Judiciary subommittee Wednesday that Craigslist has “terminated” the section but defended the site's right to post sex ads, according to the New York Times.

“Craigslist has terminated its adult services section,” Powell said. “Those who formerly posted adult services ads on Craigslist will now advertise at countless other venues.”

The ads, which were teeming on the Los Angeles edition of Craigslist, were believed to bring in $44 million annually to the San Francisco-based site.

The ads have been the ire of some in law enforcement, who painted them as a haven for prostitution and a place that has made some people vulnerable to criminals. (Allged “Craigslist Killer” Philip Markoff was charged last year with the murder of a woman who advertised her services on a precursor to 'Adult Services.').

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