Adrianne Curry, who is known for her activism on behalf of medical marijuana, soared into the public conscience when the brunette beauty from Joliet, Ill., won the first season of America's Next Top Model in 2003. She was awarded a modeling contract at Wilhelmina, and the curvaceous Curry soon became a reality-TV show staple.

She starred in The Surreal Life, as well as My Fair Brady, which allowed viewers to follow her romance with, and subsequent marriage to, former child actor Christopher Knight (Peter on The Brady Bunch). She twice appeared nude on the cover of Playboy, earning a spot on Playboy's Top 25 Sexiest Women in 2008, and has performed roles as various iconic Comic-Con and gaming characters.

The outspoken actress and model has struck a chord in America and beyond, attracting some 250,000 followers to her Twitter page. She recently talked to L.A. Weekly about her life and passions.

L.A. WEEKLY: Are you still modeling?

ADRIANNE CURRY: At 29, I am a bit old for that world. I do take jobs that come directly to me, but I see no point in hoofing it to castings surrounded by a bunch of 15-year-olds.

There was talk that you'd be on an upcoming reality game show.

I have a lot of offers to do television shows. My main concern is picking the right ones. I did just finish filming Season 3 for Sony PlayStation Network's The Tester [the first live-action series distributed on a video game console].

Do you plan to stay in “reality,” or are you looking for more traditional acting roles?

I have been dipping my toes into hosting. This year I guest-hosted for the Hollyscoop TV show and did live coverage of E3 [the Electronic Entertainment Expo] for Bandai/Namco, which was awesome. I also hosted BlizzCon's pay-per-view Event on DirecTV last month, and The Tester.

Lucky for me, I am doing this in fields that I really enjoy, like gaming, social media and fitness. I am an avid gamer, so there's a lot of work for gals like me. People see through you if you're full of crap.

Your Twitter feed is notorious for tweets like, “Jumping into shower. Going to spend my afternoon playing World of Warcraft butt naked&stoned. Perfect Sunday!”

Twitter seems to be a continuation of reality for me. I am pretty honest in 140 characters or less.

How did you develop your love of gaming?

Always had it. My parents never allowed my brother and I to get a gaming console, so we had to learn how to download computer games onto PCs and hide them. I grew up playing Myst, 7th Guest, Duke Nukem, Quake, Wolfenstein, King's Quest, DOOM, etc. When I hit my teens, my friends and I would hang out in garages, underage drinking and playing video games. Currently I play a lot of World of Warcraft. I am the Guild Master of “Explicit” on the “Nazgrel Server” and yes, I realize I am speaking a language most people don't understand!

Where does your urge to play cosplay — “costume play,” for those not in the know — dress-up, or undress-up, come from?

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. Also, like most geek-loving kids, I loved to spend all year making my costumes. Cosplay was a natural fit for me. It isn't just about looking sexy, it's about authenticity! My favorite cosplays are my Dominatrix Imperial Crew Member (my spin on what women would look like on the Death Star), my two Leeloo costumes from The Fifth Element and my newest, Aeon Flux.

Speaking of which, what exactly happened to you at Comic-Con this year?

I was stopped because Aeon's costume has a thong in back. Apparently in San Diego it is illegal to bare your butt cheeks. I found this funny, considering the fact that girls had their nipples hanging out. This is Comic-Con, and I was Aeon frickin' Flux! I was forced to cover my butt and leave directly after my autograph signing.

As for Star Wars, Kim Kardashian recently donned Princess Leia's double hairpiece and slave-girl bikini.

Something tells me that Kim Kardashian couldn't repeat a Star Wars line to me to save her life.

A Google search for “Adrianne Curry marijuana” turned up 3.76 million hits.

[Laughs] 3.76 million? Do I even have to point out the numerous jokes in that?

I think over 50 percent of the population has smoked or is smoking weed. Having marijuana illegal in a country where booze and cigarettes are legal is a frickin' joke. The government's war on drugs doesn't work and costs us endless tax dollars.

As a former addict, I could go out and score pretty much anything right now if I wanted to. I say we destroy gangs and drug lords by taxing and regulating the substances. Rehabs could be fully funded and practically free.

When did you start smoking?

Thirteen. I know, that seems bad, but I have had a rough life, and smoking a little pot was probably doing me more good than anything else I did in my teens.

You've hosted Marijuana Policy Project events at the Playboy Mansion and are a board member of the project. What makes you so supportive of marijuana advocacy?

I watched my mother's best friend die of cancer recently. Years and years she suffered through pain. Marijuana could have helped that pain, but it was illegal in Illinois. Because she was an honest woman, she refused to do anything even remotely illegal. It broke my heart because I knew it would help her.

My brother currently has to undergo spinal surgery and marijuana has been the only thing to keep him from addiction to painkillers.

Do you think you've had to pay a price for your outspoken support of weed?

Yes, and I really don't care. That is the problem with this industry. Everyone loses themselves to the persona they are told to project to their audience.

I have always been myself. I am honest to a fault. If my beliefs cost me some Bible thumper's endorsement deal, so be it.

How does medical marijuana help with your personal health issues?

As someone who is not a big believer in taking pills — as a former addict, it isn't a wise choice — when I was presented with pain meds and cortisone shots as my only escape from foot and back injuries, I knew it was time to make a choice. I would much rather pop a marijuana edible and go to sleep than take Vicodin and Xanax.

What's your favorite music to medicate by?

Pink Floyd. I just booked my tickets for Roger Waters' The Wall tour. I'm going to the Chicago show at Wrigley Field and the Los Angeles show at the Coliseum. However, some Nine Inch Nails ain't so bad before bedtime.

What's your funniest pot story?

My ex-boyfriend was busted with a half-pound in my car when I was a teenager. I was pulled over because the cop noticed a potato gun in my backseat, which is illegal, being an “explosive device”! They searched my car and arrested my boyfriend but never bothered to look through my purse. Thank jeebus! I followed the cops down to the station so I could bail him out. It's more of an “It's funny now” kind of story, I guess.

Models are famously slender. How do you deal with the munchies?

I try to contain my medicating to before bed, when I need it most. I'm either so stressed I can't sleep, or my back is killing me and keeping me awake. So I just go to bed. Kind of solves the whole “fridge raid” thing. However, my home is not stocked with anything delicious. Who cares if I overeat with carrots?

For many fans, your last big news item was, unfortunately, your pending divorce from Christopher Knight. Anything new in your personal life?

I am learning to live life without him. I spent seven years with that man, and I do not regret it.

I am dating again, which can sometimes feel awkward. I moved into a cute, 1920s art deco place and I am quite content. I can game into the wee hours and not get yelled at.

I am also attempting to have a friendly divorce, which takes a lot of time and effort. My plans are to never date anyone in front of the lens ever again.

We heard you have some tips for covering up the pot smell, like orange lip gloss and Ice Breakers.

Yes. However, let me suggest that you do it somewhere that you don't have to hide it! Otherwise, edibles are your best bet.

One thing people may not know about you is that you volunteer to help animals.

I love animals. Both my cats, Sgt. Pepper and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, are rescued feral cats.

But the main thing people don't know about me is that I am very Midwestern. I will talk to anyone, and am in no way put off by fans … unless they are insane. I'm kind of an easygoing, tomboy-type gal.

If fans wanted to meet you or get a photo, what conventions will you attend?

Star Wars Celebration 6, next summer in Florida, as well as the next Comic-Con in San Diego. Otherwise, the best way to keep track of me is on Twitter @adriannecurry.

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