In the department of “too soon,” a Malibu addiction-recovery center is apparently touting its effectiveness and privacy in the wake of Brittany Murphy's death.

Cliffside Malibu appears to have issued a press release this week touting its celebrity-level service, although it's unclear if it wrote the headline attached to its statement: “California Addiction Recovery Could Have Saved Brittany Murphy.”

“The center is pleased to announce its renewed commitment to helping high-profile clients recover in elegance and privacy,” states the release. ” … Celebrity addiction recovery patients face unique challenges on the road to wellness. Given the media scrutiny to which such patients are subjected, it's essential that their recovery environment be wholly shielded from the outside world.”

Murphy died Sunday, apparently after suffering cardiac arrest at her Los Angeles home. TMZ reported that several prescription drugs were found in her house, but it's not clear if she had an addiction problem or was simply sick with “flu-like” symptoms, as the site reported.

LA Weekly