Adderall Alternatives: Did The Hemp Industry Just Replace Adderall?

If you’re looking for coffee or Adderall alternatives, You’ll probably find this interesting. The THCv cannabinoid is turning out to be the latest shiny new object the hemp industry has to offer. 

What is THCv and why is it becoming so popular?

Everyone has heard of THC, but in case you haven’t, THC is the psychoactive component that allows you to “get high” from certain cannabis and hemp products.

THCv, on the other hand, has quite the opposite effect and is not psychoactive. Thus far, there have been no reports of THCv even registering on any drug test when taken, even though its name only differs one letter from its THC counterpart.

In short, THCv stands for Tetrahydrocannabivarin, and is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in Cannabis. Chemically, the only difference between THCv and THC is that THCv has a shorter tail chain of only three carbon links compared to THC’s five carbon links. 

In [even] more technical terms, this small difference greatly changes the effects. THCv acts as an antagonist of the CB1 receptor in low doses and a CB1 agonist in high doses, while THC itself acts as an agonist of the CB1 receptors in any dose. Despite THCv’s antagonist activity at CB1 in low doses, THCv maintains higher CB2 agonist activity overall. THCv has been found more predominant in Sativa strains (such as the African landrace Sativa based Durban) and is often described as stimulating by users, much in the same way THC has been. 

5 Great Benefits of THCv

THCv has been demonstrated to have benefits on its own, without other cannabinoids in the mix. Unlike THC, which is known to increase appetite (“the munchies”), THCv has been shown to suppress appetite. Because of this effect, those who are dieting or exploring a fitness lifestyle may find THCv to be especially useful for reducing food cravings.

The use of THCv also provides a calm yet focused mindset and smooth stimulation without the shaky overstimulation of other drugs like Caffeine or Adderall. In fact, many consumers have reported using THCv to lessen the need and/or completely replace their need for these and other similar stimulants. If you’re looking to power through your day with an extra boost of balanced energy and focus to get work done, consider that many users are already starting to replace their cup of coffee with a serving of THCv.

THCv has also been shown to be an agonist of the cannabinoid related GPR55 receptor, which is mainly involved in regulating blood flow, specifically vascular relaxation, especially in the case of vascular blockage or thin arteries. This effect may also contribute to improved libido as many erectile dysfunction drugs cause vascular relaxation to help blood flow more easily to affected areas, including that area for the big moment. Similarly, THCv can improve women’s libido through increasing blood flow. Most notably, THCv has also been shown to contribute to medical benefits such as anti-inflammation, glucose homeostasis and heart muscle tissue strength.

The overall effect of THCv is unique. It provides a well-rounded, balanced, stimulating, yet calm, focused, relaxed but in-control effect. This is the antithesis of what society is accustomed to – stimulants that are only, well, stimulating. So, the next time you find yourself looking for a mental and/or physiological boost as coffee or Adderall alternatives, don’t deny yourself a great experience. Give THCv a try!

3 Recommended THCv Products

#1 Vivimus’ Focus Softgels (THCv/CBDv) 25mg

Based on consumer research, Vivimus’ softgels seem to provide the longest duration of focus due to the 25mg quantity per softgel. With a total of 30 softgels in a container, at 1 softgel a day, it provides you with a nice monthly usage amount.

This softgel will stimulate the brain to stay focused for long periods of time and provide appetite suppression to keep the munchies away. Its potencency makes it one of the most effective Adderal alternatives in the hemp market.


  • Is suspended in premium MCT oil
  • Has been reported to tremendously help with focus & energy
  • 100% hemp-derived THCv & CBDv
  • Is tested in third-party laboratories
  • Is high potency


  • You pay for a premium product

#2 Lifted Made’s THC-V Disposable Vape Pen 1000mg

Lifted Made’s Urb Extrax disposable THCv vape pen came in second place, with their two strains “Unwind” and “Uplift”. Urb Extrax is a collaborative brand between two of the industry’s giants Urb and Delta Effex. 

Many agree that Lifted Made’s disposable THCv zaps all of the cravings, but still gives you a nice little buzz.


  • Smokeable
  • Great potency
  • Its quality is tested in third-party laboratories
  • Has a great taste


  • Not odorless like a gummy or softgel

#3 HempHop’s Runtz Vape Cartridge

HempHop’s Runtz Vape Cartridge is another great THCv product. It’s a 1 gram full spectrum vape cartridge that contains minor cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDv and of course our beloved THCv.

HempHop only sources organic CO2 extracted hemp and cannabis derived terpenes. Their product delivers a euphoric and uplifting effect with a nice flavor to it.


  • Smokeable
  • Its quality is tested in third-party laboratories
  • Has a great fruity taste
  • Great potency


  • You pay for a premium product

How to decide on what THCv Product is right for you? 

Shopping online for any hemp-derived product is seemingly convenient but can be overwhelming due to the vast number of products that are out there, especially in the hemp-industry with new companies and brands popping up monthly. There are certain things you need to look out for when shopping for new cannabinoid products, especially when shopping for something as important as energy or focus.

Don’t buy cheap THCv gummies, softgels or cartridges.

Creating high quality THCv gummies, softgels, or other products is an expensive process, from growing natural and organic hemp plants to the extraction process to the manufacturing process. A premium product must undergo a rigorous process to ensure it delivers high quality, desired effects. A cheap product might have shaved off some corners to save money. Keep an eye out for cheap products and try to avoid them due to the high possibility you might not receive an efficacious product. Simply put: You get what you pay for. 

Look for products that have successfully passed 3rd party lab tests.

Most premium hemp products undergo third-party testing to ensure high quality. For first-class companies, if it doesn’t meet certain standards, the product’s batch gets pulled and replaced with a more superior batch to ensure premium quality. These third-party lab tests are vital to ensure proper quality. Reputable companies will also share these lab test results on their website or product page. Make sure you read through the lab tests to make sure you’re buying the real deal. 

Bottom Line

Thankfully, it has become much easier for anyone [of legal age] to purchase, research and communicate about products before purchasing. Oftentimes, when walking into a physical dispensary, there may not be easy access to the products’ Certificate of Analysis, or product reviews by customers might not be available. Consumers recommend you consider the products listed below as a good starting point within the THCv realm.

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