Freeland, the band created by superstar DJ Adam Freeland, is combining remix culture and fan art in its latest venture.

In connection with the forthcoming remix album of its debut, Cope™, Freeland is hosting an “Art Remix” contest. In order to enter, you'll need to download the components of the original design from record label Marine Parade, revamp it to your heart's content and then upload it to Flickr with the tag “FreelandRemixArtwork.”

While the Marine Parade site states the deadline as August 15, a press release issued yesterday said that submissions are due by September 10. Entries will be displayed on Freeland's website and judged by the band. The winner will receive full credit for his/her work and a limited edition copy of the album.

Early in July, Dennis Romero interviewed Adam Freeland for LA Weekly. Read it here.

Freeland “Morning Sun” live at Glastonbury

LA Weekly