Umami Burger owner Adam Fleischman has added another asset to his ever-expanding food empire, which includes 800 Degrees Pizza and Red Medicine, acquiring an ownership stake in the 2-year-old, Chatsworth-based L.A. Creamery.

Fleischman plans to expand distribution (the ice cream is already available at most of his company's restaurants) and invest in production of a batch of new, experimental-sounding flavors. Recent creations include a variety called Porc Phat, which is flavored with Iberico lardo, Asian pears, hazelnuts and mint gel, and a sampling of booze-influenced batches like “Moonshine + Caramel Corn,” mezcal and orange liqueur, and an absinthe flavor (made with the real stuff) that debuted today at Umami Burger Anaheim in the form of an absinthe root beet float.

The L.A. Creamery website recently received an Umami-esque makeover, giving fans the opportunity to order pints online, including a six-pint package that includes all the new flavors, shipped overnight for $90 (and you thought Ben & Jerry's was a splurge).

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