It looks like Los Angeles is not getting a pass in the ACORN video scandal that targeted offices of the nonprofit housing and voting group and ended up showing some social workers ever too willing to help out a fake pimping and prostitution business.

When the videos rolled out in September it was surmised that workers at the Los Angeles office of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now were left out of the fun because they did the right thing and sidestepped the entrapment offered by conservative, punk-stunt pranksters James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles.

But blogger Patterico reveals this week that videos from the L.A. leg of this particular “pro” tour are now being rolled out. So far, however, there is scant evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the L.A. office. ACORN worker Felix D. Harris says repeatedly on the latest video that he can help the decoys, who pose as a pimp and prostitute on undercover video, as long as what they're doing is “legitimate.”

Of course, the activists highlight the fact that he says what they do “is your business.” It's a scud as far as pimp-'n'-ho scandals go (it's no “Client 9”). “My concern is to give you the information on how to access a loan,” Harris says.

But Patterico teases further videos to be rolled out soon that he says will put “a twist” on the scandal. We'll be watching.

ACORN has been a target of conservative activists because, while it has received tens of millions in federal funding, it has directed voter registration drives in the inner-city, which mainly benefits Democratic candidates. Also, an an attorney, President Barack Obama represented ACORN in a 1995 case.

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