If you tuned in last night to see Jamie Oliver, with or without his tomato suit, fighting the good fight on the streets of Los Angeles, if not in its public school cafeterias, you will have been disappointed. And though you doubtless enjoyed Dancing With The Stars as much as we did, you may have wondered what happened to your programming. It seems that ABC has pulled Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution from it's schedule, just in time for May sweeps. The second season of the British chef-cookbook-author-reality-television-guru's show is midway through its run, and last night was to have been the third of six episodes. Instead, the remaining four episodes will air beginning Friday, June 3 at 9 p.m.

Why? No, it's not some LAUSD conspiracy. The show hasn't been quite as, well, revolutionary as Oliver had hoped. It hasn't equaled the numbers of last year's first season, set in Huntington, West Virginia. And the premiere's ratings slipped nearly 40 percent from last year's series debut. ABC was already making the call last Tuesday, when the network pre-empted the third episode of Food Revolution for more DWTS programming.

Oliver has had his issues, as you may recall, with the LAUSD — and thus the narrative thread of this season's shows — although Oliver and new Superintendent John Deasy recently called a well-orchestrated détente on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Ah, well. Enjoy your ballroom dancing. Sign a petition. Have a glass of chocolate milk.

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