Tonight you can hear what Air America radio is calling the last interview with the late, great actor James Whitmore. The talk network's CLOUT! show host, Richard Greene, spoke to the 87-year-old Whitmore last Election Eve in the ballroom of the Century Plaza Hotel, where the actor had joined more than 200 volunteers to phone-bank for Barack Obama. Whitmore, a frank, plain-speaking man who passed away last Friday, recalls his first presidential election, in 1948, when he bucked his father's advise to vote for Republican Thomas Dewey and instead chose the Progressive Party candidate, Henry Wallace.

Although he would become a fervent Obama supporter — it was

Whitmore who introduced Obama at a huge Universal Ampitheatre rally —

at first he wasn't sold on the Illinois Senator, who'd yet to announce

his candidacy.

“Darling, he's really just the flavor of the

week,” he told his wife Noreen. “We've got pet rocks in America and

hula hoops and then we forget [them] — they're gone.”

But once

his wife got Whitmore to read one of Obama's books he was hooked on the man.

Whitmore will talk politics and Hollywood with Greene, who also speaks to Noreen Nash Whitmore and takes calls. Tonight's show can be heard in Los Angeles at 9 p.m. on KTLK

1150 AM, and will be

available as a Podcast and archival download. For a three-minute sample, go to Air America's Web site and click on the audio link.

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