A Tranquil Peace Pervades on Ari Mediratta’s Joyous “Sixteen.”

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Ari Mediratta is an 18-year-old singer from Nairobi, Kenya, whose love for music blossomed at six. With a natural predisposition for singing, Ari found joy and solace in expressing his emotions through lyrics and melody. This intuitive knack for musical expression was quickly recognized, and he soon enrolled in vocal classes, setting the stage for his artistic development.

By age 8, Ari had begun performing at various school concerts, charity shows, and community events, steadily cultivating his talents and musical repertoire. His early recognition as a talented vocalist caught the attention of industry professionals. It earned him an invitation to the recording studio, where he honed his skills and recorded a series of noteworthy cover songs. This effort paid off handsomely, as his work was later aired on Kenya’s top-rated radio station, Capital FM.

Ari’s career reached a significant milestone in 2017 when he had the honor of performing alongside renowned Kenyan singer and songwriter Eric Wainaina in front of an audience of thousands. This remarkable achievement became a turning point in Ari’s career, cementing his place as one of Kenya’s most promising new talents. Following this memorable performance, Eric graciously invited Ari to collaborate with other established Kenyan artists on a rendition of his hit song “Daima Kenya.”

It is clear that Ari’s musical journey has been a labor of love, and his passion for this art form is palpable. His achievements are proof of his natural abilities, superb musicianship, and continued dedication to his craft. Undoubtedly, Ari will continue to evolve as an artist and significantly contribute to the vibrant musical landscape of his home country and beyond.

Ari Mediratta embraces the beauty of the natural world on the stunningly sweet “Sixteen,”co-written by himself and Leland Grant of South Light Sound, Nashville. Pollen floats upwards as he captures what it means to enjoy that moment of being young. With the moment passing by in the blink of an eye, it makes sense that he would want to capture perhaps one of the most apparent milestones of youth – that of summer. His eyes gaze upon the viewer as he seems perfectly comfortable in nature. As the flowers bloom, so do the early romances, the puppy dog love that introduces people to those better moments.

Placed right in the center of a field of flowers and greenery, the song has this ideal presence of personality. He lets the words dash across the screen, synced with the pollen and the wildlife that make summer that season. Lots of detail lets the viewer know this desire burns throughout the track. Eyes have a rather tender texture as they stare deep into the soul. Much like Mona Lisa, his eyes follow, adding to their allure. Vocals nicely punctuate the visuals, allowing for the delicate, fragile, and fleeting sense of summer to become further accentuated, to understand that this, too, shall pass. Kept with reverent awe, the song unfurls as the piece finally comes to a gracious conclusion, one that neatly ties together with the visuals fading out.

“Sixteen” has Ari Mediratta meditate on what it means to be alive and does so with the utmost grace.

Ari Mediratta – YouTube

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