Last night around 8:45, former Little Brother lyricist and current Foreign Exchange crooner Phonte's Twitter timeline showed that he'd just “liked” a song on iTunes by someone named KING. Then he left a review on iTunes. He then gave thanks to the patron saint of swag, tweeting:

Within an hour, he reached out:

Soon, Phonte had talked to KING over the phone, and gotten Questlove on board:

Their adorable response:

Now, as often as Questo annoys the living daylights out of us on Twitter (which is as often as Phonte amuses us), when those two tag team on a musician, you better listen. And listen we all did. Seven hours later, KING had gathered 600 new followers into their fold.

With good reason, of course. Glistening synths are grazed by the delicate harmonies of twins Paris and Amber Strother and their friend Anita Bias, with the production on their debut project, The Story EP, handled entirely by Paris. If this pretty little package doesn't bliss you out, we can't help you.

Moral of The Story? If you build it, Twitter will come.

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