It's midnight and you're wide awake but don't want to work. There's nothing in the kitchen but a box of crackers and a bottle of red. What do you do in the New Economy? Go to CBS' classic TV Web site and delve into three years of original Star Trek episodes — watch 'em for free with those crackers and that bottle of red. Start with Part 1 of The Menagerie, the episode where Jeffrey Hunter is Kirk's old commander, Christopher Pike, now all scarred up and a quadriplegic. You can breathe the 1960s and its view of the future by watching this show — marvel at the hair and the fingernail polish, imagine the show's writers living in ranch homes in the Valley. (Oh yes, you can also pick an episode from The Twilight Zone instead, or Paladin or Melrose Place. But you really need to find out how Captain Pike got that way.

LA Weekly