Calm down–it's just an art thing. Artists Jeffrey Inaba and Darien Williams have created a photo-illustrated “proposal for the migratory distribution of the Hollywood sign across Los Angeles.” The piece is called HLYWD, and it will be part of the UNPLANNED exhibit at Superfront, which opens tomorrow.

In the artists' hypothetical, portions of or individual letters from the sign would travel to new locations around the city, as if eight ambassadors on a tour to promote the Sign as a whole. “Migration affords the sign a temporal dimension, which ensures its continued vitality as an unplanned landmark,” goes the proposal.

Or, as in the above photo, the letters could be scrambled to form new words that may or may not have a direct relationship to their location. BLDGBLOG likens the project to “a game of trans-neighborhood Scrabble.” And who doesn't love Scrabble? If nothing else, it's something to think about if the Save Cahuenga Peak effort fails in their fight to protect the land surrounding the Sign from condo development.

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