Those of us blogging at LA Daily appreciate it when fellow journalists, bloggers and broadcasters make note of our efforts in print at LA Weekly, so we were thrilled to see Fishbowl LA's Tina Dupuy and Mayor Sam's Michael Higby weighing in on Patrick Range McDonald's coverage of Antonio Villaraigosa, the 11 percent mayor.

Today, in the Los Angeles Daily News, where the dust-up between the mayor and the Weekly all got started in a recent column by Rick Orlov, radio host and columnist Doug McIntyre joined in the debate. We had dubbed Villaraigosa “The All About Me Mayor,” in our cover story in September, but McIntyre sees a man on a doughnut diet: “hollow calories surrounding an empty hole.”

If you haven't been following our coverage of how the mayor really spends his 16-hour days, attending banquets, arranging photo ops and racing to staged press conferences, and if you haven't read about Villaraigosa's withdrawal of charges against us (he wrongly said that reporter McDonald had the wrong documents and the wrong facts), you are missing the fun.  

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