Tuesday night the El Rey Theatre took a step back in time to host “A Night on the Town with Mad Men,” a '60s-era variety act performed by the cast of the hit TV series.

“Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant lent her talents to outfitting the performers, and the red carpet was awash with glittery frocks and swanky suits.

Maggie Siff and Bryan Batt.

Melinda McGraw.

I love a good lounge act, but in truth it was the secretaries I was there to see. By day I am a secretary, and as far as I'm concerned the temperamental typists of “Mad Men” are the best reason to watch the show. And the show's lead secretary, Joan Holloway, is a real credit to the profession. With a stern glance and a swish of the hip, she manages to keep the high-spirited staff in check.

Christina Hendricks, the actress who plays Miss Holloway, was not billed as one of the shows performers- but I had a feeling she'd show just the same. Secretaries are nothing if not supportive of their co-workers. And sure enough, she joined her cast mates on the red carpet, gushing about how talented they all were.

Christina Hendricks stops for an interview.

And poses for the cameras.

Music was the focus of the show, and the stars took to the stage to croon, belt and banter in front of a 13-piece band led by “Mad Men” composer David Carbonara.

The event was a benefit for the Los Angeles chapter of The Recording Academy, and candy cigarette girls in glittery costumes worked the room, sweetly soliciting donations.

Donielle Artese.

Highlights of the night included Bryan Batt performing Dean Martin's “Sway” with a flirtatious quartet of backup dancers, Colin Hanks and Dar Williams singing “Early in the Morning,” and Rima Yazbeck performing burlesque. Yazbeck was admittedly a ringer, but no one seemed to mind.

After the show, cast members joined the party to be fussed over by friends and fans alike.

Crista Flanagan gets a hug.

Alison Brie.

Hate to see her go, but love to watch her walk away.

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