A Journey into SixLAVA with CEO Sam Brand

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It’s almost 2024, and there is no better time to rebrand yourself or your business than a new year. It’s a fresh start, it’s a do-over. Rebranding or an ‘image’ reboot is always a good idea for your business, but it requires the help of experts. Without the expertise of someone like the team at SixLAVA, with Founder and CEO Sam Brand, you might be making a lateral move with your business instead of a vertical one. And who wants to go sideways when the sky’s the limit?

The sky has been the limit with SixLAVA since its inception. Sam Brand and his team’s innovative branding solutions have been helping businesses “become better versions of themselves.” Sam explains, “Mainly, we want to help them match their identity with who they are, what they represent, and the services or products they offer to ensure that they are all in sync.”

SixLAVA is a specialized strategic creative agency. As a seasoned entrepreneur with $174M in sales and a 23-year career working in many industries like finance, defense department, medical, marketing and advertising, to name a few, Sam Brand brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, but more importantly, he brings passion to the world of branding.

“Businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and startups to established corporations and multigenerational businesses, journey with us through our in depth process to bring to life their vision, revivify a stale brand. We want them to enjoy the process and be as passionate about their brand as we are by the time we are done. I’ve never had a client say, ‘I don’t like that brand. I don’t like the logo.’ They’re always impressed. They’re always just ecstatic about the brand that we have for them, and that’s what we want to deliver.”

A SixLAVA client shared their passion, “​​Sam is awesome! When you work with Sam, he invests an amazing amount of time and energy into your business. He becomes vested in your success. I can’t think of anything more valuable that someone in marketing could offer.”

Branding Visionaries

The SixLAVA branding team shares a passionate commitment for crafting dynamic brand identities. Together, they have many achievements and a proven track record. Their dedication to innovation and adaptation in the constantly evolving design industry sets them apart.

Sam brought on multi-disciplinary creative experts to help bring his vision to reality metaphorically and literally. “We quickly realized that to continue to deliver on the level of excellence that our clients grew to expect, we needed to expand the team. We are now able to offer exclusive full-service and world-class branding and design, dedicated to pursuing preeminence through organic alignment with corporate narrative.”

Our expanded team of storytellers includes educators, illustrators, production specialists, and designers representing many years of industry experience and multiple degrees in specialized education. The team’s combination of experiences and passions brings a unique touch to SixLAVA’s ability to create memorable experiential moments. Collectively, we have worked with startups and existing companies to utilize formative branding moments to craft unique, practical, narrative-focused identities that are compelling to audiences and represent the business’ core values.

SixLAVA’s Core Values

Sam created SixLAVA as an extension of his own core values. Leading these values is his love and dedication for his family and community. His six children are the inspiration for the “Six” in the brand’s name and represent a commitment to collaboration and community. Working to build community motivates much of his efforts to assist others in building theirs.

In addition to an interest in community, Sam’s interest in dynamic processes also influences his approach to branding.“I recognize the value of things being organic. Things change all the time. People and businesses change all the time. Industries change, and so forth. They change constantly, so the ‘lava’ part of our story is meant to celebrate organic growth that is exciting and constructive. Lava is constantly changing, morphing into other things while building and rebuilding geologic wonders. We are committed to working like that. To build exciting new opportunities for our clients, reinvigorate a market for them, and breathe new life and passion into their project. We can help them.”

“Ultimately,” Sam reaffirms “our commitment is uncovering the essential truth and strength of a project, its authentic identity, and empowering that reality through great branding.”

The Mission

Sam’s goals for SixLAVA’s clients are to help them embrace that organic, constant change, drive their growth, build their relationships, and ultimately, discover their potential. At SixLAVA, the essence of that branding lies in the close collaboration SixLAVA’s team has with their clients. Sam emphasizes the importance of meeting with owners, as they are the heart of a company. “The essence of a company is through its owners, not the management team,” he says.

This collaborative approach involves a kickoff meeting with owners to understand the company’s vision, values, and goals, ensuring a deep understanding before diving deeper into the branding process. Sam elaborates, “To understand what the brand is, what the company is, and the direction that the company wants to go in falls on the owners. So we meet with them and sit down and talk with them to find out how they view themselves, why they’re doing what they are doing, what their ambitions are, how they do business, etc. And once we have those ideas and understandings, we can really dive into the exploration.”

After ‘kickoff’ with the owners, the team at SixLAVA begins their focused research to uncover more of the story. Sam explains, “our research often leads to specific details of the project that may not be immediately obvious but resonate with the company’s heritage and identity.” After presenting those unique story elements, and ensuring the research didn’t leave anything out, the team begins working on the visual representation side of the branding. “We then explore the nuance of colors, shapes, lines, fonts, and imagery that will be best suited to manifest that identity. It is then, in our third meeting, we present to them a reveal of the logo concept, or concepts, based on the research we’ve done and the feedback we’ve gotten back from the client.”

Sam explains that after the design direction with its accompanying logo is selected, “We want to put it on business cards, and letterheads, mock it up on hoodies, hats, and bottles, where it’s going to begin expressing that unique identity to the world. Our team gets a kick out of fine-tuning the logo to accommodate any of those kinds of marketing pieces. Seeing a new brand take on its own life it’s truly a special delight.”

Finally, the goal is passion for the end product; Sam shares, “We work hard to deliver value to each and every one of our clients by understanding them and helping them through this process.”

According to one of their clients, that is exactly what they deliver. “SixLAVA’s transformative work with our brand exceeded all expectations.”

For more information on how to rebrand, visit SixLAVA.

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