A Healing Property Permeates the Whole of Kris’s “(roygbiv).”

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Introducing Kris, the captivating musical artist known for her authenticity and emotional depth. Through her skilled storytelling, she effortlessly intertwines personal experiences into her music. Brace yourself for her debut EP, “Where do I Begin?” This collection perfectly fuses singer-songwriter sensibilities with theatrical elements, creating a truly unparalleled listening journey for devoted fans.

The EP’s closing track, “(roygbiv),” stands out for its poignant emotion and unfiltered honesty. It is a conversation between Kris’ present self and her past, closeted teenage self. Despite its intricate and playful lyrics, the song was written effortlessly, capturing an authentic and spontaneous essence.

She approaches the sensitive topic of coming out with empathy and subtlety, shedding light on a unique, often ignored perspective. Through her music, she shares her personal journey and creates a healing and relatable experience for listeners.

Kris’s exceptional talents go beyond songwriting. Her vocals are beautifully smooth and effortlessly capture the emotions of the lyrics. She possesses a remarkable musical prowess, skillfully blending pop and singer-songwriter genres to create a distinctive sound solely hers.

Step into the world of “(roygbiv)” and experience the soulful folk musings of Kris. She delves deep into why some individuals stay in the closet through her heartfelt lyrics. Despite the progress towards acceptance, there is still a long way to go. The beautiful arrangement combines piano and acoustic guitar effortlessly, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for meaningful conversations, these mellow rhythms beautifully connect with the natural world. Get ready to immerse yourself in an intimate and thought-provoking musical journey.

The soft opening sets the stage. With a unique blend of piano and guitar, immerse yourself in the surrealistic realm of chords that hover in the air. As the verses take center stage, feel the power of the lyrics as they reveal the challenges of coming out and the courage it takes. This intimate tale evokes sympathy and compassion, leaving you with a profound sense of universality. Explore the comfort of being in the closet, gently unveiling the self to the world at your own pace.

“(roygbiv)” captures Kris’ personal experiences and emotions, creating an intimate and heartfelt connection with the listeners.

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