Anyone weary of Paranormal Activity's take on the found-footage genre need look no further than the Egyptian's Spielberg Theatre for a healthy dose of the real thing.

Hosted by L.A. Filmforum and having its world premiere this Sunday night at 7:30 p.m., the latest edition of the Festival of (In)appropriation consists of 14 different works comprising an approximately 90-minute program to be introduced by curators Jaimie Baron, Lauren Berliner and Greg Cohen. The shortest of these, Celeste Fichter's Walking on Water, lasts just over a minute and uses the theme from Hawaii Five-O to accompany the biblical tale of Jesus defying natural law. Soda_Jerk's The Time that Remains, a “spectral melodrama” starring several iterations of both Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, is the longest at twelve minutes.

The dozen other entries fall somewhere in between and explore everything from LBJ's tenure as president to the Freudian notion of the death drive to the Pledge of Allegiance's effect on schoolchildren. Now in its sixth year, the traveling festival's emphasis on novel works that not only repurpose existing footage but also lead viewers to reconsider the source material's original intent has earned it a sterling reputation and small-but-devoted following that may soon include you.

Festival of (In)appropriation #6 is at Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian, Feb. 16, 7:30 p.m.

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