I'm not one for aggressive confrontation. Don't get me wrong, I can handle my own AND theirs, but I choose instead to communicate and work things out sans silly drama. But this is the real world, and being a one-woman show armed with tools, knowledge and wit that rivals most humans on this planet (too modest?) can be a serious threat.

Which leads me to today's topic. She's been on my mind for a long time. But not for the reasons I'd prefer.

A.V. Flox is a renowned sex blogger with some serious experience and a steadfast and sexy personality comparable only to my own. She runs NakedCity.com, AfterDarkLA.com's sister site and though we're contractually obligated to play nice, we don't wanna.

The reasons why are irrelevant. What matters is that it's war, the kind that if given a choice I'd be drafted voluntarily every four years no matter what imbecile and/or adulterer is sitting in the Oval Office. It's a war of the wits with a dash of T&A, and honeycakes, it's ON.

Ms. Flox challenged me to a Twitter duel using some very special guns. And lace. She had me at “Lingerie.”

I wanted to do it today. So bad. But alas my life only partly revolves around the Internet and sampling the sexual scene of Los Angeles and I had to make some deadlines by 6 p.m. in order to make a living.

And meanwhile, what did Ms. Flox spend her day doing? Constructing this. Which is certainly flattering. But come on, ladyfriend, get a life.

Click on that, it'll explain everything. (Thanks for doing the work for me, babe.)

So the lingerie duel goes down Monday, Oct. 11. (I rescheduled for the weekend, but Ms. Flox suddenly wanted the weekend to prepare. I guess she'll be practicing squats and swats in the mirror. Adorable.)

So Monday. We meet somewhere in L.A. with a crisp C-note to fund one revealing and seductive ensemble each. Live tweeting and discussion will ensue during the process of course, and photos of the account will be posted on Twitpic for our beautiful, wonderful and loyal followers to judge.

Follow @avflox and @AfterDarkLA and give us your feedback, or keep your iPhones pointed to AfterDarkLA.com to check out links.

Think I'm hot? Awesome, judge me. Prefer Ms. Flox's tiny rear end and cigarette-smoke-stained talons? Judge her. Tweet the Twitter handle of the slut you like best with the number of Rep.utation points you wanna dole out. Just don't forget the #rep hashtag.

Deadline to vote ends Wednesday, Oct. 13, at midnight. We're counting now.

What's in it for you? FREE SHIT. (Not literally.) We'll each pick our favorite voter (which means for Pete's sake, be clever and not crass. Try both.) and send you a custom-made sex kit featuring essential tools for a stellar night in. Solo or with partners. The world's your crustacean. (Certain conditions apply, yadda yadda.)

P.S. Get to know us better. It'll help.

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