At this point we all know that last week The Simpsons creator Matt Groening decided to say so long to his 32-year-old syndicated comic strip, Life in Hell. But how did he commemorate the retiring of the anthropomorphic rabbit Binky, his girlfriend, Sheba, and their illegitimate son, Bongo (as well as occasional guest stars Akbar and Jeff)? With a cake from Whole Foods, that's how. And not just a regular cake, but a strawberry shortcake bearing what looked like an abstraction on '80s video game graphic typography or a candy-based preschool Teach Your Toddler to Spell kit.

To decode the message, we turned to Groening's longtime friend and giver of the cake, Colette Brooks, chief imagination officer at the Big Imagination Group and the writer, director and co-star of the popular YouTube pigisodes, Funny Pigs cha cha and Hay Pride Pig Party. As Brooks explains it, Whole Foods doesn't sell cake-decorating piping gel, so she had to wing it with plain M&Ms.”It said FRWL HEL. Or 'farewell hell.' We didn't have the real estate to spell out the whole thing,” says Brooks. “The cake was so small and the M&Ms were big. It was like texting … but on a cake.”

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