Who cares if it won't de-congest traffic, as promised by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa back when he needed taxpayer support?

The extension of the L.A. Metro Purple Line (why does that sound so gay) another 12 minutes west was approved by the Metro board of directors today. The agency did stipulate that a final phase of planning was necessary, though:

They will now begin to conduct more detailed engineering and environmental studies. So yeah — it might be a hot minute before we see any sign of a golden hammer. You know how those study things go.

Get ready to rumble, Beverly Hills. Now commoners from the Union Station area will be able to whiz beneath your Welcome mats, endangering your children and finally fulfilling their dream of taking a real-live Subway to the Sea.

That is, if you consider the Westwood Veterans Hospital the sea. Although Villaraigosa originally hoped the Purple Line might reach all the way to Santa Monica, he'll have to settle on the Wilshire corridor. And not anytime soon. According to Metro authorities, the line probably won't be extended to Fairfax until 2019, to Century City until 2026 and to Westwood until 2036.

Like we said. Don't hold your breath.

Update: Read the full story here.

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