Updated at the bottom with news of a “credible” terrorist threat for the East Coast. First posed at 7 a.m.

Though we know that two of the 9/11 attackers spent time in Los Angeles before the events that changed the course of contemporary American history, our city is often though of as a low-on-the-list target for terrorists.

Even so, the LAPD will be on guard this Sunday as the nation observes the landmark 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Chief Charlie Beck told the Police Commission this week that …

… “the Department is preparing for the upcoming anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks by ensuring staffing levels are at full strength,” according to an LAPD summary of his comments.

That seems to contrast with how the FBI in L.A. is treating the day — pretty much like any other.

According to KPCC, Steve Gomez, the FBI's special agent in charge of counterterrorism in the region, told reporters this recently:

There is no information that is going to be a terrorist attack over the next days leading up to 9/11. However, the fact is that some of the plots that we have thwarted in the last year have occurred where the information came up and we didn't know about it, and we were able to take action right away.

In New York, however, evidence taken from Osama Bin Laden's compound indicating he wanted to organize a terrorist act on the anniversary was enough to get the NYPD to beef up for the date. Police commissioner Raymond Kelly, via Associated Press:

For that reason alone, we need to take precautions as if an actual plot is under way.

What does all this mean for you? Be vigilant. But don't be paranoid.

Update: Reports today revealed a credible, vehicle-based threat of anniversary attacks against bridges and tunnels in New York and Washington.


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