Delta-8 THC is the newest way to enjoy cannabis, and it’s absolutely taking the industry by storm. Delta-8 can be enjoyed in a variety of ways––as delta-8 edibles, as delta-8 vapes, or as delta-8 tinctures––but another wonderful way to enjoy this cannabinoid is to smoke it in flower form.

Delta-8 can provide a variety of benefits that are very similar to other cannabinoids (like CBD and Delta-9 THC) such as relaxation, pain relief, and help with sleep; and although most of the benefits remain the same, there are some key differences in the way taking Delta-8 can affect your experience.

With Delta-8 THC becoming more popular, we’ve compiled 8 reasons why choosing Delta-8 flower over other methods of consumption may be the right choice for you.

1.   Relaxation

THC can help you experience relaxation during times of anxiety or stress. But unfortunately, sometimes Delta-9 THC––the main cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive experience or “high” you feel––can be a bit too strong and can trigger the exact opposite feelings. When taken in high doses, some users have reported that THC can cause feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

Delta-8 THC, a cannabinoid sibling closely related in molecular structure to Delta-9, gives you all of the relaxation and mood elevation with none of the same risks of a bad or uncomfortable experience.  Delta-8 flower is perfect for those who want to smoke to relax.

2.   Pain Relief

THC has been known to have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Since Delta-8 is a form of THC, it binds with the CB1 receptors (or cannabinoid-1 receptors) in the brain which interact with the nervous system in a way that can alleviate pain.

While methods like Delta-8 tinctures and Delta-8 edibles may be better for chronic pain (since they stay in the system longer) smoking Delta-8 flower can help with immediate pain relief. Smoking THC is the fastest-acting method of getting THC into your bloodstream and can help stop pain much quicker than other methods of consumption.

3.   Sleep Aid

Insomniacs are no stranger to smoking before bedtime, but sometimes THC can have the opposite effect. And while taking Delta-8 edibles or Delta-8 tinctures can still help you sleep, because they take longer for the effects to kick in, they won’t do much when you’re already restless and sleep-deprived at an inconvenient hour.

Finding a nice Delta-8 Indica to smoke before bedtime can help you unwind and fall asleep without running the risk of unintentionally producing anxiety-like feelings that keep you awake. Plus, it works quicker than other methods which can help in a sleepless pinch.

4.   Increased Focus

Delta-8 THC gives you a psychoactive experience without the foggy head that can sometimes come with Delta-9. And because Delta-8 flower comes in different strains, you can also pick out a Sativa or hybrid. For those who want an increase in energy and focus, smoking a Delta-8 Sativa or hybrid can help brighten and clarify your mind. You can enjoy an uplifting “wake and bake” without getting too high to function.

5.   Stomach Help

THC has antiemetic properties and can provide relief from nausea and other stomach issues. Delta-8 flower is a quick and easy fix if you find yourself suddenly feeling unwell. THC is also considered to be an appetite stimulant (you know, gives you the “munchies”) and can help people who are struggling with a suppressed appetite due to illness or eating disorders.

6.   Cognitive Benefits

There have been some studies that show THC has been linked to potential cognitive benefits, and Delta-8 is no different. It may have a positive effect on hormone balance, anxiety, depression, and is also linked to neuroprotective and nervous system benefits which can help with things like Alzheimer’s Disease and other brain-related ailments.

7.   Clean and Chemical-Free

Flower, for many people, is a cleaner and “safer” option than other methods of cannabis consumption. Unlike vapes and edibles, Delta-8 flower is chemical-free. (This isn’t to say vapes and edibles are bad––there are great companies out there who put an emphasis on curating the cleanest and most pure extracts possible––this all comes down to personal preference!)

Regardless, some cannabis users prefer to abstain from the extra additives and ingredients that may come in vapes or edibles, and in that case, Delta-8 flower is probably the best option.

8.   Functional High

Delta-8 THC provides a functional high that Delta-9 THC doesn’t always deliver. For those who still want to enjoy the experience of smoking flower while still feeling functional enough for everyday life, Delta-8 flower is perfect.

Think of Delta-8 like a low-alcohol beer (with CBD being non-alcoholic.) Maybe the rest of the group is taking shots (or smoking a strong Delta-9 THC) but you just want a light buzz. Delta-8 is there to fill the void for people who still want to participate in the smoking experience without getting so high they can’t enjoy themselves.

Delta-8 Flower Creates a Smooth Smoking Experience

Delta-8 flower is the perfect substitute for those who still want to enjoy smoking their cannabis but may have a lower tolerance for THC. Delta-8 is a lighter and more mellow experience than Delta-9 while still providing a bit more punch than CBD.

Delta-8 is enjoyable in all its forms, there’s something special to be said about the experience of smoking cannabis. The taste, the feel, and the instant gratification of smoking flower is something that can’t always be replaced by things like edibles, tinctures, and vapes. If you’ve stopped smoking THC flower because its effects are a bit too much, Delta-8 flower is here to give you the smoking experience you’ve been missing.

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