Our weekly list of special movie events to check out in L.A.:

Friday, Aug. 24

7. Remakes got you down? The Egyptian is playing the original Total Recall — Schwarzenegger, Mars and artful tastelessness intact — at 7:30. See you at the party, Richter!

6 and 5. Also at 7:30, at UCLA Film and TV Archive, two underseen crime dramas from the 1930s: The Public Menace and Adventure in Manhattan, each clocking in at a lean 73 minutes. In addition to neither ever receiving much of an audience, the program is made even more enticing by the fact that UCLA is presenting them on 35mm — an increasingly rare event these days.

4. Or, for a slightly more family-friendly outing, LACMA is screening Pixar Shorts Collection: Vol. 1 (as well as selected shorts from the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival) at 8 p.m.

Saturday, Aug. 25

3. Hindsight being 20/20 and all, we probably should have been able to guess that the next logical step in cat videos' Internet dominance would be theatrical exhibition. (I, for one, welcome this development.) Consider Cinefamily ahead of the curve, then, as its presentation The Feline Gaze: The Art of the Cat Film starts today at 1pm. The centerpiece film is undoubtedly CatCam, which won an Audience Award at this year's South by Southwest festival and is exactly what it sounds like: the POV adventures of a cat named Mr. Lee with a camera strapped to his collar.

Sunday, Aug. 26

2 and 1. With the weekend — not to mention summer itself — winding down, what better way to distract yourself from the ever-encroaching real world than opening night of Slacker Week at the New Beverly? The Up in Smoke/Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle double feature starts at 7:30 and, while we're not in the business of telling our readers to enjoy events such as this under the influence of certain not-entirely-legal substances, we're also not narcs, man.

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