No big surprise here for those of you who spend way too much time crawling in traffic.

The American Highway Users Alliance this week released a study, “Unclogging America’s Arteries 2015,” that spells it out: Six of the nation's top 10 highway bottlenecks are right here in Greater Los Angeles.

“The Los Angeles region had far more top bottlenecks than any other metropolitan area, claiming the second through seventh worst spots,” the alliance said in a statement.

They include:

-The 405 between the 22 and the 605 (the second-worst bottleneck in America, beaten only by No. 1 Chicago and its Interstate 90) in Orange County.

-The 10 between Santa Fe Avenue and Crenshaw Bouelvard (you know this!).

-The 405 between Venice and Wilshire boulevards (yeah — the stretch that just underwent a $1.3 billion widening for no apparent reason).

-The 101 between Franklin Avenue and Glendale Boulevard.

-The 110 between Exposition Boulevard and Stadium Way.

-The 101 between Sepulveda and Laurel Canyon boulevards.

Credit: American Highway Users Alliance

Credit: American Highway Users Alliance

Greater L.A. has three more in the top 20, including the 5/10 freeways between Mission Road and the 101 (No. 11), the 10 between La Brea and National (13), and the 5 between Eastern and Euclid avenues (14).

Los Angeles had 12 bottleneck freeways in the top 50, the alliance says.

“As millions of Americans get ready to make their way home for Thanksgiving, they need to pack their patience along with their bags,” said Ed Rendell, co-chair of Building America’s Future. “There is no one magic solution. It’s going to take a combination of intelligent technologies and investments in infrastructure to get traffic moving more efficiently. I know that travelers are frustrated with these bottlenecks and traffic delays, and one of the best ways for Americans to ensure they are heard is by communicating this frustration directly to their member of Congress.”

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