Who says that dates should be flashy and expensive? Spending a ton of money is not necessary when it comes to dates. You would be surprised at how many people actually enjoy spending their dates in places that are either cheap or do not charge anything. The location of a date is irrelevant to those who are happy and content with their partner’s company. So for couples who are looking to spend their day in venues cost-free, here are six free date ideas in LA. 

FREE Date Ideas in LA

1. Museum/gallery dates

Some may doubt the first venue on our list, and it is quite understandable. Most people think that museums or galleries are boring because the only thing you can do is wander around and stare at art. However, those who genuinely enjoy museum dates would think otherwise. 

The reason why people love to take their dates to museums or galleries makes sense. 

First, museums are a great way to show off. Since most art in museums and galleries can be found on their websites, people can do an advance read on them, and the moment they are on a date at the museum, they can flaunt how much they know about each piece of art they pass by. 

Moreover, museums are places where you can talk about anything under the sun. Venues like these are conversation starters. It is highly likely that your date would ask your opinion on a certain art piece that you both stopped to look at. 

In a way, this eliminates the possibility of trying to come up with random topics in an attempt to impress your date too. 

In LA, there are a few recommendations that we have in store for those looking to visit cost-free museums. 

  • The Broad (Los Angeles, California)
  • Getty Center (Los Angeles, California)
  • The Huntington Gardens (San Marino, California) (free entry on the first Thursday of every month)
  • MOCA (Los Angeles, California) 
  • Hauser & Wirth (Los Angeles, California) 

2. Go on a hike 

A lot of people have vouched for hiking as a great first date idea, and there is a good explanation for why that is. 

Hiking can lead to a lot of opportunities for people to hit things off with their date. First, it allows them to talk about anything. They can see a wide range of things just by looking around them, including various animals and plants. It would be rather impossible for dates to turn out completely silent. 

Another thing is that most hiking areas are secluded from bustling cities, making it a perfect time for couples to enjoy the comforting serenity of mountains and forests. 

Hiking means people get to be exposed to more touch. By touching, we mean that your partner is likely to offer you their arm for support whenever there are steep areas and such. 

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, hiking is a great idea for cost-free dates because:

  • It does not cost anything 
  • It provides the perfect romantic setting 
  • It can lead to other exciting activities like biking, running, kayaking, and snorkeling 

Some of the best hiking spots in LA that cost nothing are:

  • Topanga Canyon Lookout (Calabasas)
  • Vasquez Rocks Trail (Santa Clarita)
  • Sandstone Peak (Santa Monica)
  • Griffith Obseravtory Hike (California) 
  • Solstice Canyon (Malibu)
  • Runyon Canyon (California)

3. Go on a canoe tour 

Italy is a known destination for romance. For those who do not want to splurge on plane tickets to go there, they can get a similar experience at Venice Canals in LA. Here, people can enjoy their date by going for a stroll around the area. A variety of beautiful sites are waiting to be seen by visitors, such as the canals themselves, beautifully structured bridges, and beach houses. 

4. Attend outdoor concerts 

Did you know that you can enjoy a concert with your date without having to spend a single dime? That is what makes free outdoor concerts so special. So, for those who would prefer a lively date where they can sing, dance, and jam to the music, this is an activity that they should try out. 

5. Go stargazing

What better way is there to enjoy a date than to have it by going stargazing? Having dates scheduled at night is one thing, but enjoying it by admiring the stars with someone you care about is another. According to Outdoors Happy, around 82% of women find stargazing to be one of the most romantic date night ideas. 

Not only can dates end up cuddling in a blanket under a sea of stars, but it may very well lead to intimate conversations as well. 

We recommend you go to the Griffith Park Observatory as it is free of charge. 

6. Go on a picnic

One can never go wrong with picnics. This type of date idea is great due to its versatility, and it all depends on the person hosting the picnic on how they want it to turn out. They can opt to make it a grand picnic with tons of food and fancy beverages, or they may choose a lighter setup that consists of a few snacks and some soft drinks. 

Take picnics as a middle ground between dining out at fancy restaurants and eating at fast food chains. So that means that you get to avoid making your date feel overwhelmed with the kind of setting that you have chosen. 

Next time you’re short on cash, consider these free date ideas in LA to bring some romance into your life (or keep it in your life). As J Lo likes to say, “Love don’t cost a thing”! 

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