Those fact-diggers at have outed some amazing stats about the yearly checks being handed to 2,400 City of Los Angeles workers, for life, to retire early and help to “save” the broke City of Los Angeles from an even bigger deficit.

The average annual check being cut: $51,887 per year. For life. Each year. To retire early.

You can read the explanatory summary here of the data, which OurLA is calling The List. Or better yet, go to former Daily News editor Ron Kaye's blog site to see The List, with detailed job titles and the amount of the checks that will go to city workers to stop working, often at the top of their game. 

The most stunning fact is this:

On The List of 1,159 workers (1,300 additional City of Los Angeles employees are also taking the retirement deal — called ERIP — but are still getting paperwork handled), this item really jumps out:

CLERK TYPIST 01/02/10 $5,837.99 $70,055.88  

Yes, you read it right. A Clerk Typist is getting $70,055 per year for life, or $5,837.99 per month. Just one of many eye-opening facts dug up by the Fantastic Mr. Kaye. 

If you've ever trekked down to City Hall and waited in those lines to be served, or spoken to anyone behind a counter or called out in a big empty room to the typist in the back to find out where to grab a form, you know that $70,000 for a clerk typist boggles the mind. 

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