1. debka.com. “We start where the media stop.” Only half of the ultraspooky stuff on this Israel-based intelligence e-zine, beloved by end-of-days fundamentalists, among others, will turn out to be true. The problem is figuring out which half.

2. guardian.co.uk. But only because the Brits are so much better at pretending they understand Tajik intelligence issues.

3. haaretzdaily.com. Bombing reports so prompt you’d think they’d set off the things themselves, and unexpectedly sober analyses of war issues.

4. janes.com. Two parts Robb Report for the weapons-craving assistant deputy defense minister, mixed with one part snarky British impassiveness. Why, yes, war can seem a bit like a game of chess if you look at things that way.

5. nytimes.com. If only to read Barry Bearak’s loving descriptions of the delicate play of mountain sunlight and purpling shadow on an injured mujahideen’s filthy, tattered wound dressing.

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