So Carmageddon turned out to be a bust.

No 100-year traffic jam. No car-to-car shootings. Not even a report of roadkill. In fact, unless you were under a Prius all weekend, you know that the 405 closure ended early — at about noon Sunday — instead of abutting the Monday morning rush, as expected.

Good news, really. But was all the fear-mongering necessary? Here are the 5 reasons Carmageddon didn't materialize:

-Mid-July is high season for Westside vacationers. Everyone was in San Diego (and not on the San Diego Freeway).

-The weekend is when Westsiders give their Priuses a break in order to dust off their economical Porsches for cruises up the PCH.

-The West L.A. Whole Foods was closed for renovation.

-Charlie Sheen is no longer having porn parties at his Mulholland Drive pad, thus taking most adult-related traffic out of the equation.

-Westsiders would rather spend a weekend in purgatory than go to the Valley (actually those are really the same thing).


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