Thanksgiving is here, and you know what comes next: holiday music filling the airwaves, and holiday movies flooding the screens. It’s no secret that the film industry is a male-dominated business, but we did find some moms who are leaving their mark on the holiday movie genre – in leading roles, as producers, and as directors, all while expressing (and impressing) the mom perspective.

Here are some of our favorite holiday movies starring and featuring moms, as well as those created by and for moms. 

Here we go!

Holiday movies by moms, for moms

The following movies are airing on Hallmark Channel, Hulu, and BET+. Be sure to check your television listings and On Demand channels for airtimes.

No. 5 on my list is A Kismet Christmas (2022, Hallmark), starring Marilu Henner, Sarah Ramos and Carlo Marks.

This movie has it all – love, romance, struggle and, maybe best of all, cookies! A Kismet Christmas tells the story of Sarah, a children’s book author who comes back to her hometown only to run into her former flame, Travis. Soon, old feelings resurface and Sarah peruses an old family strategy to find her true love. Will the Kismet cookies do the trick this time and lead her to a happily ever after?

At No. 4 is Noel Next Door (2022, Hallmark), starring Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier

Noelle, a single mom struggling with divorce, meets Jeremy at work and sparks fly. While Noelle and Jeremy really hit it off, Noelle has other problems at home. For one, she is bothered by the behavior of a grouchy neighbor toward her young son. Plot twist: Turns out that Jeremy happens to be that guy, the grumpy neighbor who takes offense at little Henry bouncing his ball off the apartment wall. Can Noelle and Jeremy overcome their animosity? Tune in to find out!

Next, at No. 3 is My Christmas Fiance (2022, Hulu), starring Jennifer Freeman, Jack Parr and Denise Richards. 

My Christmas Fiance features a classic ruse-turned-real-love plot. In an effort to avoid a marriage Penn’s parents desire but he just cannot get on board with, the prospective groom engages a colleague to act as his fiancée during a holiday visit to his family. When Penn’s ex-girlfriend arrives on the scene, the ruse becomes fraught with turmoil. Will Penn’s family discover the deceptions? 

Coming in at No. 2 is Holiday Hideaway (2022, debuting on BET+ on Nov. 24), starring Vivica A. Fox, Camille Winbush, Reginald C. Hayes and Novi Brown, directed by Cole Patterson.

Carly Holloway (Winbush) loves the holidays, but the holidays don’t always love her. After a series of unfortunate mishaps, Carly decides to leave traditions behind and escapes to a lovely inn to get away from it all. Soon, her hasty escape turns into a lesson on love, forgiveness, family, and the true meaning of the season. 

Finally, at No. 1 is Christmas Bedtime Stories (2022, Hallmark) starring Erin Cahill, Steve Lund and Charlie Weber.

If you’re so inclined, this one has the potential to be a real tearjerker. Danielle’s husband was a Marine who went missing in action and is presumed dead, leaving behind his wife and young daughter. Three years later, just as she begins to move on with her life and allows love back into her life, Danielle begins to tell her little girl stories of her father. And strangely, those stories become reality. Is it a coincidence? Fate? We’re not going to spoil this one for you!

If you’re in the mood for some holiday magic and tender romance, grab some popcorn, a cozy blanket, your favorite person and maybe even a glass of wine. Featuring talented casts from diverse backgrounds with heartfelt characters that deal with modern problems that tests their mettle, these movies will strike a chord with today’s audiences.


Neferteri Plessy is a trailblazer for mom entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders. A sought-after motivational speaker, Neferteri has coached over 5,000 women into living their best life now. As the founder and CEO of Single Moms Planet, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit, she has developed programming, events and resources which have not only uplifted and inspired thousands of mothers, but also celebrated their amazing achievements. She is the creator of the “Smart Mommy” brand, a global movement that empowers mothers in business. Neferteri has been featured in The Huffington Post, BBC News, MSN Lifestyle, KIIS FM, and the cover of LA Weekly.

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