Floppy-haired conductor Gustavo Dudamel made an appearance on Sesame Street last week to teach Elmo a musical thing or two about a musical thing or two — including the definition of the word stupendous. You know what would be truly stupendous? For the affable maestro to show up on some other TV shows. He's got a killer mane and facial expressions that rival an early-'90s Jim Carrey, so finding other spots shouldn't be tough.

Here are five we'd love to see:

5. Dr. Phil(harmonic)

Dudamel seems far too nice to out-douche Dr. Douche himself, but he does have that conductor baton for added emphasis — which would come in handy for pointing out the shortcomings of others.

4. Hey Dude(amel)

Sorry. This one just had to be done for pun's sake. We know this show is off the air, but maybe he can conduct a reunion or something? Who doesn't want to know what Danny Lightfoot is getting up to these days?

3. How I Met Your Mahler

Dudamel likes Mahler, this we know. Perhaps the Maestro can add a little flair to the Bro Code, too?

2. Breaking Bach

Who could rival an aspiring kingpin chemistry teacher with a gift for meth production? An aspiring kingpin philharmonic conductor with a gift for meth production. What happens when Heisenberg meets Johann Sebastian Bach? Clearly something explosive as well as euphonious.

1. Fraggle Rock

One look at Mr. Dudamel's locks can tell you that he's got at least some Fraggle blood in there. We can offer some of our fondest dream sharing — maybe the L.A. Phil can cover the Fraggle Rock theme song? Yes.

–Some ideas contributed by Eve Weston

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