If you’re on this page, then chances are you wish your penis was more prominent than it is. There’s an agelong debate if the size is a significant determinant of sexual satisfaction. Whatever side you’re on, a given is that most men are not satisfied with their penis size. Most men wish their penis were more prominent than it is. A large penis usually makes for a confident man at the end of the day. But then again, why settle for average when you can have so much more. There are many ways you can increase the size of your penis, and one of them is with penis extenders. That’s right! Penis stretchers are safe, affordable, and effective when it comes to gaining extra length and girth. It is a natural way to increase your penis size, and the penis extender results are usually permanent.

5 Best Penis Extensions and Penis Stretchers

#1. Quick Extender Pro: World’s Best Stretcher That Works For Everyone [5/5 star rated]

#2. SizeGenetics: Best Stretcher That Works Perfectly

#3. MaleEdge: An Affordable and Modern Penis Extender

#4. JES Extender: Premium Enlargement Kit

#5. ProExtender: Quality Penis Stretcher

Approved and boasts of over a million units sold globally.

However, many penis extenders and penis stretchers in the market today offer results they cannot provide. That’s why we’ve provided these penis extender reviews. We’ve covered the best penis extenders that offer you quick and permanent results. The penile extension devices also covered here comes with added benefits like improved sexual performance and harder erections. You can also count on from all the dick extenders reviewed is higher confidence in the bedroom. We have also gone through the stress of pointing out factors to note when shopping for the best penile traction devices. Without further ado, let’s dive into this intensive review of the best penis extensions in the market.

What to look out for when choosing penis extensions and penis stretcher

The best penis stretcher for your friend might not be the best for you. There are different factors you have to take note of, and below are some of them.


An essential factor you should consider when searching for the best penis enlarger for you is speed. While there are penis extenders that take a year or half to produce results, some offer results faster. The speed also determines the usage as the slow but steady result penis traction device allows for low-impact usage. However, other designs require you to use the dick stretcher more frequently to get speedy results. Note that you should only use the all-day stretcher if it is comfortable and not painful. Make your choice of dick extender based on how fast you want results and how frequently you would like to wear the cock extender. Once you find the right balance, you will be satisfied with the penile extender you end up with. Don’t try to ignore the discomfort because you want quick results. Note that when used properly, a cock stretcher isn’t supposed to be uncomfortable.


A penis stretcher that makes you uncomfortable isn’t the suitable penis traction device for you. Most penis extenders require you to wear them for long hours. That’s why you need to rate comfort up there among essential factors to bear in mind when making a choice. One of the reasons some penis extender companies are popular is because they make sales based on comfort. Their packages always include features that ensure your comfort. Most of these companies ensure their dick extenders can be worn for long hours without issues.


Another important consideration is how much are you willing to spend on a penis extender? All penis extenders do not feature the same price, and you need to decide your budget. If you’re staying on a budget, you might have to sacrifice a bit of comfort and go for the lowest price tag. However, it is essential you note that not all highly-priced cock extenders offer the best quality. To help you along, this penis extender review covers the best penis stretchers with different price ranges. All products reviewed are safe and effective, and you’re sure to find one within your budget.


Although we’re focused on the best penis traction device that will offer us results, we know appearance matters. It becomes even more critical when it has to do with personal areas. Our psychology plays a vital role in how we adhere to new routines. Therefore, even though penis stretchers work the same, you should go for the one you find aesthetically pleasing. It will significantly affect the ease with which you use the device; that’s why you shouldn’t ignore such connections.


Comfortability is quite different from convenience. The best penis stretcher for you should offer you convenience throughout the day. You can’t always sit around while you’re wearing the penis traction device. You need to ensure that the penis extension you’re wearing is convenient based on how you work, where you work, and what you wear. Penis extenders are different and, therefore, offer different convenience levels. The heavier models might not be the best option to wear under clothes for long. However, the penis extenders that are lightweight, and you can wear them under clothes without showing. They are also more convenient to wear while you sleep.

Medical Grade

Another point to note is the medical grade. Penis stretchers are medical devices. Therefore, to ensure your safety while using it, you need one that comes with a medical-grade certification. To ensure your safety, some of the penis extensions reviewed come with padding to make it as practical and comfortable as possible for you.

5 Best Pennis Extensions and Pennis Stretchers For You

Below are the penis extensions and penis stretchers that we have researched and found to be the best. These penis extender stretcher devices will help you achieve the penis of your dream and elevate your confidence.

1) Quick Extender Pro (5 Star Rated): [ MOST SOLD, BEST RATED, HIGHEST REVIEWED]

Quick Extender Pro: [CLICK HERE TO CLAIM 50% OFF]

The Quick Extender Pros makes the top of our list for many reasons. It is the best penis extension device because it allows you to enlarge your penis by an inch every month. Based on this, it is one of the fastest penile traction devices available today.

It is also a top choice because it is also a penis extender on a budget. In addition, we tested the Quick Extender Pro based on comfort, safety, convenience, tension strength, and price. These factors helped us to determine its usability. It is called the Quick Extender Pro because of the speedy result it offers people.

This penis enlargement device is medical grade and is a safe alternative to penile enlargement surgery. It does the trick by applying a stretch to your penis while you wear the device. It is lightweight and, therefore, will remain discreet under your clothes.

It applies tension to your penis constantly, but it is painless, and you won’t feel any discomfort while you’re putting it on. This golden erect extender also has a top benefit straightening out your penis while also enlarging it.

This top penis extender features a double strap system that ensures your safety and performance. That way, you can walk around and bend as much as you want without experiencing discomfort. The dual strap system also ensures that your dick doesn’t slip out of the strap. The material used in making this medical-grade penile extender is aluminum. It is also one of the best penis traction devices because it is hypoallergenic and prevents skin irritation. The best part about this penis stretcher is that you can get your money back within the first six months of purchasing the device if it doesn’t yield results.

The Quick Extender Pro is a top enlargement device and provides you with a top level of comfort. It comes with a comfortable foam padding that allows you to wear it for a long time. For those staying on a budget, this is the ideal choice for you.


  • It guarantees quick results within a month.
  • It ensures comfortable to wear because of foam padding
  • It is easy to customize
  • It is lightweight and allows for discreet wear under clothes
  • It is hypoallergenic and prevents skin irritation
  • 6-months money-back guarantee
  • Affordable and safe penis extender


  • It is tricky to clean
  • It is not ideal for overnight wearing


2) SizeGenetics:

SizeGenetics: Best Stretcher That Works Perfectly

SizeGenetics is one of the best penis enlargers in the market and makes the list of penis traction devices you should purchase. It is a medical device that is FDA-cleared, and it aims at increasing your penis inches. It also aims at improving your sexual performance and fixes penile curvature. It also focuses on helping you achieve a better erection. SizeGenetics’s primary focus is on helping you reach your goal, and penis enlargement surgeons endorse this. To prove this, it has successfully featured in many prominent magazines.

In terms of comfort, it allows you to take more than ten comfort settings. It can also be worn discreetly under clothes for long hours. Although you can wear it for more than 6 hours, you can achieve the result within 4-6 hours. The companies also recommend that you wear it for five days out of every week.

SizeGenetics works by stimulating the cells around your penis shaft to split and increase in size. It is done based on the traction this penile traction device offers the user. The SizeGenetics penis extension can help deal with penile curvature and micro-penis syndrome. It doesn’t matter if your penis is average, small, or large. SizeGenetics will help you increase the size of your dick permanently in terms of girth and length.


  • 16 different adjustable comfort settings
  • Ensures noticeable growth in months
  • A medical-grade device
  • It can be delivered quite discreetly to your home for privacy
  • Lightweight and simple design


  • Pricier than other penis extenders
  • Bulkier than other penis extension device

3) MaleEdge Penis Extender:

MaleEdge: An Affordable and Modern Penis Extender

If you’re on a budget, then the best penis extender for you might be the MaleEdge penile traction device. It is one of the best penile extenders and can deliver results within a few months. In terms of design, the MaleEdge is one of the best options for you. It offers a modern and friendly look. TI is also relatively straightforward because there is no removable rod amongst its design. When it comes to adjusting tension strength, MaleEdge locks in, and it takes note of your tension setting between different uses. One of the top things that makes this one of the top penis enlargement devices is its sturdiness. It is sure to withstand various risks of breaking.

The MaleEdge penis stretcher takes six or nine months before you can see results. It comes in three varieties, but they’re all cost-effective and reliable. It enhances your endowment naturally, and you can wear it for three to five hours daily. It is lightweight and made from silicone. It also utilizes a hypoallergenic plastic component to ensure you don’t face discomfort while you’re putting it on. According to the manufacturers, it will fit any penis, so you’re assured it will fit yours perfectly.


  • It is lightweight, and you can wear it discreetly
  • It features straightforward mechanics
  • It is affordable and budget-friendly
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and features a friendly design
  • It remembers previous tension settings
  • One-size-fits-all design


  • Less powerful than other penis stretchers
  • Not as comfortable as other penis extension devices

4) JES Extender:

JES extender is a leading penile traction device for sale. It has been around for quite many decades and boasts of thousands of satisfied customers globally. This might be the best penis stretcher for you if you want to build a bigger penis and improve erections. The JES extender will also help you to correct penile curvature while enhancing confidence in the bedroom.

JES extender features in penis stretcher reviews because it is handmade with the finest quality. It also comes in different models and designs to fit different tastes. One of the reasons why the JES extender is so popular is because of its attractive design. It is designed lightweight so you can wear it under your clothes comfortably. Unlike other penile extenders, the JES extender considers fashion very highly. Unlike the pro extender device, you can get a JES extender in 24-carat gold. This way, you can increase your penis length in style.


  • Years of good reputation
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • It is lightweight and you can wear it under clothes
  • Permanent size gain
  • Easily adjustable tension rods
  • It comes with a guide to make use easier
  • Features luxury models for users


  • Less powerful than other penis extensions

5) Pro Extender:

The pro extender device is the best penis traction device for many people. It is a reputable penis extender and is medical grade. The ProExtender has been in the market for two decades and caters to twenty countries. In addition, many hospitals prescribe the ProExtender in place of penis enlargement surgery because of its effectiveness.

ProExtender system offers you result within a few months by 24%. You’ll be able to note the salient difference by looking in the mirror and by your partner’s reaction. This dick extender was designed with comfort in mind; you can wear it on the move. It works to make your penis longer, larger and thicker and ensures the effect is noticeable whether you’re erect or simply relaxed.

It is also painless, and you can rest assured that your dick will stay at that big size permanently. It also comes with an adjustable setting, so you dictate how much stretching you would like to apply. It allows you to use it at your own pace. That’s not where it ends; this cock extender will improve your penis’s health. It does this by ensuring firmer erections and long-lasting effects in bed.


  • Professionals design it
  • It is lightweight and can be worn discreetly even at work
  • It works to solve penis curvature issues
  • Results are also permanent
  • It enhances both the length and girth of the penis


  • You can only purchase it over the internet
  • A bit pricier than counterparts


We have reviewed the five best penis extensions and penis stretchers in the market. All these penis extensions offer the users a lot of benefits. Whether it’s to increase your penis’s length or girth, you’re fully covered. They also deal with curvatures and will provide you with the growth you desire in a few months. Now that we’ve provided you with a review of the best penis stretchers in the market, along with features to look out for, you can now take the final step to make the purchase and increase your self-confidence in the bedroom.

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