As you may have heard, The Hills, the glossy MTV “reality” series set in an alternate universe version of LA, that spawned the “careers” of celebusomethings Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner, will come to an end at the end of its upcoming season. MTV has just released a trailer recapping Hills history and previewing the drama to come. There's been much debate as to whether or not The Hills is scripted, and wherever you stand on that, this trailer offers ample evidence that, over the course of the show, these blondes and bros have become much better actors. After the jump, watch the trailer, and check out our picks for the five best line readings in the three-minute preview.

1. “BUTT job … ?!?”

At exactly 2:00, Lo Bosworth runs down the list of surgeries that have turned Heidi Montag into “Heidi 3.0”: “Eyebrow lift, ears pinned back, nose job, chin job, boob job, butt job!” The question-exclamation reaction from Heidi's sister-in-law Stephanie Pratt is priceless. “BUTT job …?!?” Stephanie's a sharp study: that slow head tilt comes straight from the Jennifer Aniston School of Bemused Prissiness.

2. “You don't think I look good?”

The jury is definitely out as to whether or not Heidi Montag is in on the joke that is Heidi Montag, but she nails the scene at around 2:08, where she unveils her new look to her less-than-amused mom. “You don't think I look good?” Heidi breathes, the camera on her mom. Cut back to Heidi, her lips curling in Orlanian victory. Jersey Shore never gets this scary.

3. “It's…sort of a tough crowd.”

2:35: Lo Bosworth warns Brody Jenner's new girlfriend of the trouble waiting her in the Hills girl clique. Oh, Lo–nobody does “eek–I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but you're heading straight for social ruin” better.

4. “I'm VERY emotional these days.”

Somehow, Spencer Pratt has morphed over the last half decade from toxic post-frat rich boy into a crazed, Machivelli-meets-Howard-Hughes-in-milk-bottle-scene-in-The Aviator mad businessman. I love it. Check out his eye bulging self-analysis circa 3:06, and you may learn to love it, too (and if not, his dramatic screen door slam at 3:11 should seal the deal).

5. Heidi Cries!

MTV, in their infinite wisdom, save the grandest feat of acting for the end. Her marriage to Spencer apparently falling apart, Heidi blubbers something about how it would be hard for her to leave him, but she can't clearly be heard through the sound of her tears. It's impressive, and a true testament to all that bullshit James Cameron talks about how CGI has enhance an actor's performance–because obviously, after all that surgery there's no way Heidi's tear ducts actually naturally work.

See for yourself:

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