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With the recent legalization of CBD in late 2018, many companies are popping up, selling CBD oil to the masses. And for a good reason too. CBD is showing a lot of anecdotal promise in being able to help many people with their symptoms or illnesses. While more studies need to be done on humans, CBD is seen as being generally safe. As a result, we’ve decided to provide you with a list of the best CBD oil companies that you can buy CBD from right now.

What can CBD help with?

If you’re new to the craze surrounding CBD, we’d be happy to explain why it’s becoming a huge trend and will be a $20 billion market in the United States by 2020. This number will continue to grow as research continues to pour out, and more Americans are made aware of its potential benefits.

Research by Cowen & Co. indicates that nearly 7% of Americans are currently using CBD to treat their many ailments. With CBD now being federally legal, this number is expected to grow.

So what can CBD do for you? That’s the million-dollar question. While people have been using this natural compound for thousands of years, scientific research into the matter has just begun. Due to its previously illegal status, CBD was mostly studied on animals to determine its potential medical use. Now that this compound is federally legal, we should begin seeing more clinical trials on humans to determine its actual effectiveness.

Here is a shortlist of potential uses for CBD, and what users around the world use CBD for:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Skin Conditions

We want to make it clear to readers that CBD has not been definitively proven to cure or alleviate these ailments or illnesses. Rather, there have been animal studies that show promise in the field, and there are many users who claim to benefit from using this natural compound.

The great thing about CBD is that you can enjoy the benefits of the plant without any psychoactivity. It has also been considered to be fairly safe, even at higher doses. While many people are using this compound, we recommend speaking to your doctor to see if this product is right for you.

Best CBD Oil Companies 

If you want to see whether CBD is right for you and whether it can help you, we figured we’d show you a list of sources from which you can purchase the oil.

When CBD was still federally illegal, the only places you could acquire the oil from were in legal states, or through the black market.

With commercial hemp production legalized, CBD derived from hemp can now be purchased across state lines, which essentially means that you can buy this natural compound online and have it shipped to your home state without any worries.

It’s important to remember that not all CBD manufacturers are created alike. In fact, the FDA has shut down many vendors who have falsely claimed to have certain amounts of CBD in their products, only for tests to show lesser amounts, and/or toxins in the product. So let’s take a look at what you should consider when you buy CBD oil.

How to Buy CBD Oil? 

When you buy CBD oil, we recommend the following:

  • You should buy CBD oil online from reputable sources.
  • Make sure that when you buy CBD oil that it contains less than 0.3% THC content. For CBD to be legal in the USA, it must contain less than 0.3% THC.
  • If you buy CBD oil that is made with isolate, you will buy THC free CBD oil.
  • If you buy CBD oil made from full-spectrum CBD, then you will buy CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC.

So what is the difference between full-spectrum CBD oil and THC Free CBD Oil?

THC Free CBD oil, as mentioned, is CBD oil made from an isolate. Apart from CBD, all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids have been removed, which means you don’t get to feel the benefits of the other terpenes, you’ll only experience the benefits of CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD is also as the name states as it contains all cannabinoids. However, legal CBD products must be extracted from hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC. This amount is extremely minute and is not enough to get you high. However, that means, by definition, there will be THC in full-spectrum CBD products, which can be problematic if you do not want THC in your system.

If you have a drug test coming up or are worried about testing positive for even small traces of THC, then you should go for THC Free versions.  So to help you decide, we have a list of the best THC Free CBD oil, and a list of the best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for sale, from the best CBD Oil Companies!

Best THC Free CBD Oil

  1. Balance CBD

The reason why Balance CBD is a great place to buy THC free CBD oil is because of their level of quality.

All of their products are vegan, GMO-free, and made in the USA! This is very important as many fraudulent companies import CBD from China that is of lower quality and bundled with impurities.

With Balance CBD, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality products available on the market as all of their products are lab tested by 3rdparty companies.

Not only that, they have arguably the best selection of products, they also have edibles, pet products, and topicals.

Balance CBD has THC Free CBD oil available in a range of other flavors, too, such as Wildberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Mint.

If you browse their CBD oil tinctures page, you can find the infamous Charlotte’s Web strain, which was featured in Dr. Gupta’s documentary on CNN in treating epilepsy with CBD.

  1. Green Roads

If you’re looking to buy CBD oils without THC, Green Roads makes it easy with a wide selection of strengths. From beginner to very experienced user, you can choose strengths that include 100mg, 250mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 3500mg.

Each batch is tested in a third-party lab, and results can be found directly on the website, which is critical in ensuring the quality of your products.

They test all their raw materials for quality, not just the CBD. The proprietary blend has ingredients that include broad-spectrum CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and kosher-grade vegetable glycerin. CO2 extraction is used to produce their CBD oil, which is one of the cleanest ways to pull out CBD.

The downside is that if you’re looking for a lot of flavors, this isn’t the company for you. Additionally, the price is higher than some other CBD companies. Shipping may also be a concern as it takes about seven days for your package to arrive.

  1. Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals makes the list because of their social responsibility. They are an employee-owned and operated company that gives discounts to veterans, low-income households, and people on long-term disability. Not only do they commit to giving back, but they also make quality products.

Lazarus Naturals’ ingredients list is simple: Fractionated Coconut Oil and CBD Isolate. Choose from four flavors: Flavorless, Wintermint, Tropical, and Blood Orange. Their tinctures are THC-free, Non-GMO, Vegan, and made in America. Each flavor comes in two strengths: 750mg and 3000mg.

Lazarus Naturals have their own farms to grow their own hemp, which means that they use a vertically integrated process to create their oils from seed to product. The results of third-party tests can be found on their site. There are no pesticides or heavy metals in their oils. On the downside, they don’t use CO2 extraction but rather an ethanol process to produce their CBD.

  1. Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp is not just made in the USA; they are certified to grow their domestic hemp by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture as they use 8th generation Kentucky farmers.

If you buy CBD oil from them, then you will buy CBD oil that is made of Ananda hemp flower extract, organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and botanical terpene blend. Hemp plant stalks are not used.

Ananda Hemp tinctures only come in one strength: 600mg. One of the great things about Ananda Hemp is that they have seed to product control, which means they work with plant geneticists and farmers to create first-rate hemp plants.

The downside is that their oils are on the high end of the pricing scale. Also, while third-party testing is available, it is only possible after you purchase the product.

  1. Joy Organics

Joy Organics keeps things very simple and only uses two ingredients for its natural flavor: organic extra-virgin olive oil and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract. However, they also offer three more flavors: mint, orange, and lemon.

Joy Organics’ three flavors have the extra ingredients of natural flavors, humulene, myrcene, and β-Caryophyllene essential oils. There are no fillers, dyes, excipients, or binders either. Joy Organics CBD oils come in four strengths: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. Like the previous company on the list, If you buy CBD oil from Joy Organics, you’ll be getting third-party tested products; however, a drawback is that batch results are not immediately available on their site. Another drawback is that they are pricier than other brands.

Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  1. Balance CBD

 Again, Balance CBD gets the number one spot for the best full-spectrum CBD oil. Their full spectrum range comes in two flavors, Charlotte’s Web and Natural. Charlotte’s Web comes in two strengths: 500mg and 1000mg. The Natural comes in three strengths: 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg.

Just like their THC-free CBD oil, their full-spectrum CBD oil is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, allergen-free, and no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Balance CBD also includes a QR code on their products so that you can see the results of third-party lab tests for that batch. You can be assured that you are getting a pure product with no toxins or anything else you don’t want in your body! 

  1. PlusCBD Oil

PlusCBD Oil is made with the following: alpha-tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, Saponaria, quillaja, monolaurin, silica, monk fruit, peppermint oil, olive oil, hemp oil, and water.

PlusCBD Oil is available in three strengths and flavors, and accessible to the new and experienced CBD user. The unflavored oil is sweet because monk fruit is one of the ingredients of the tincture and is 300 times sweeter than sugar. If you buy full-spectrum CBD oil from Plus, then their flavors can be purchased in 1oz 250mg CBD, 2oz 750 mg CBD, and 2oz 1500 CBD.

PlusCBD Oil is gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and US hemp certified. Each tincture also comes with complete lab results for each batch made. They not only are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), but they are also reasonably priced. On the downside is that they use hemp imported from Europe. They also have a stringent return policy, and for these reasons, they are number 2 on our list.

  1. Fab CBD

Along with CO2 extracted full-spectrum CBD, the only other ingredients in Fab CBD oil are MCT oil and non-alcoholic natural flavoring. They also have a variety of strengths and flavors: vanilla, citrus, berry, mint, and natural flavor. If you buy CBD oil from Fab, you are getting premium ingredients, and you can taste the difference. Each flavor comes in several strengths: 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg. It should be noted that Colorado hemp is used to make its CBD oil.

Fab CBD tinctures are relatively inexpensive, and Fab CBD offers excellent customer service to go along with their great products. The only down-side is that customers are unable to access third-party lab results. However, if you buy full-spectrum CBD oil from Fab, you’ll still get a great CBD product!

  1. 4 Corners Cannabis

4 Corners Cannabis full-spectrum CBD oil has a very apparent hemp flavor with hints of orange and coconut. If you buy full-spectrum CBD oil from 4 Corners Cannabis, then you will receive tinctures that are allergen conscious, fair trade, third-party lab tested, and non-GMO.

It’s important to know that 4 Corners Cannabis has full control of their product from seed to product, meaning that they can control everything right down to the genetics of the flower. While their products are potent, their customer service should also be lauded.

On the downside, their tinctures are relatively expensive, so buying full-spectrum CBD oil from them could be costly. While lab results are provided, it is unknown whether they are the most recent results. And, unlike the rest of the companies on the list, ethanol extracted full-spectrum CBD is used. However, our panel still thought that their products were worthy of making the top 5 list!

  1. Press Pause Project

If you buy full-spectrum CBD oil from Press Pause Project, then you’ll see that they keep things nice and simple with only three ingredients: CO2 extracted full-spectrum CBD oil, fractionated coconut oil, and organic peppermint oil. They are also non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, and vegan. This refreshing CBD oil tastes minty yet earthy with hints of sweet. It smells like peppermint and not like cannabis.

Press Pause Project only offers its tincture in one strength: 500mg. On the downside, there isn’t any variety as they have only one flavor and one strength. Also, their prices are higher than other oils on our list. It should also be noted that customers cannot access lab results of finished batches.

CBD Oil For Sale Online

We have seen the rise of CBD oil use since it has come out of the shadows more than a year ago.  CBD or Cannabidiol is finally recognized for its myriad of therapeutic benefits, especially with pain relief, among many other things, so we brought you the list of the best CBD Oil For Sale Online! Where can I buy CBD oil near me? Well, now you know! All of the brands above can have products purchased legally in their respective online stores. Buying CBD oil for sale online is where we recommend you go as if you buy directly from brands you are getting the official product – we think you may have some additional questions, so we’ve answered those too.

What is CBD Oil for Pain?

CBD is used by people across the USA and the world to address common ailments such as body aches, arthritis, insomnia, inflammation, and depression. As mentioned before, there are still scientific studies taking place to determine its effectiveness. Still,  if you visit the websites of the brands mentioned above, you will be able to read reviews and case studies that outline how CBD is used to manage pain.

CBD Oil for Anxiety?

It can be quite common for anxiety medications to be addicting, which lead to their misuse.  CBD is used for anti-anxiety properties that are not habit-forming, which can be used via vaping, topical application, and ingestion without the feeling of being drugged. Again, on the brands we have listed, you will find multiple reviews about how people have used CBD to relieve the effects of anxiety.

Buy CBD Oil Online

Balance CBD, an AAXLL Brands Company, ranks number one for both CBD oil without THC and Full-Spectrum CBD oil. One of the reasons that we put them at number one was that they sell both variations, without compromising on quality. We believe that with Balance CBD, you will get the most for your money. While Balance CBD tops our lists, we still recommend that you try or buy CBD oil from the other companies on our best CBD oil list because it’s all a matter of personal preference.

You still have to be careful when you buy CBD oil online, lots of companies pop up and offer you the chance to buy CBD oil for sale, but always make sure that you can verify what’s in the bottle. Third-party results and QR codes help with this. Poor quality CBD or toxins are common for sub-par companies who don’t test their products. Do your due diligence before purchasing CBD oil and make sure that your tinctures are all-natural and organic.

The brands we featured are well-reviewed, and most have their third-party lab results available. Go with brands that are well-reviewed by publications like this. If you don’t want to buy CBD Oil, then you can always try another CBD product, check out this quiz today! Here at LA Weekly, we also have a list of the best CBD gummies for sale!