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Best CBD Capsules

If you’re looking for an easy and accurate way to consume CBD on the daily, CBD capsules are a great option. There are plenty of ways to get your daily serving of CBD — tinctures, capsules, gummies, and topicals — and capsules are one ideal way to ensure you’re consuming the same amount every single time. 

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of different CBD oil products on the market, and not all of those are created equally. When you’re looking for a high-quality CBD supplement, there are criteria you can follow to make the decision-making process a bit easier. 

Let’s take a look at how to pick the best CBD oil capsules for you. 

How To Pick The Best CBD Capsules For You

When choosing the best CBD oil capsules for you, we’ve got a few different ways to distinguish between a high-quality product and one that you can pass on by. This article is designed to streamline the process because we provide you with the best CBD oil brands on the market, so you can rest assured that we only vouch for the highest-quality CBD oil available. 

  1. Look for CBD capsules that accurately label the ingredients, as well as offer access to third-party, ISO-certified test results so you can trust what’s inside every capsule. If a brand doesn’t offer third-party testing, there’s no way to guarantee you’re actually getting what the bottle says. In an industry that is yet highly regulated, many companies can easily cut corners without anyone being the wiser unless the consumer demands it through accurate testing.

  2. Determine what type of ingredients you’d like in your CBD oil capsules. Some are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. Each has its own distinction. The most versatile of the bunch is the broad-spectrum CBD oil capsules because they contain other beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds. Still, they don’t have much THC, so they are compliant with most federal laws around the United States.

  3. Lastly, you need to figure out why you’re consuming CBD and how much you intend to take. High-quality CBD capsules will offer a range of servings to meet the needs of the specific user. When you know why you’re taking CBD in conjunction with other supplements — maintaining wellness, sleep, relaxation, or an energy boost perhaps — you can more easily decide which product is suitable for your needs. 

Why Are CBD Capsules A Popular Choice

CBD capsules are a popular choice for many CBD consumers because it’s easy to throw a capsule in with your daily supplements, toss ‘em down, and go on with your day. There’s no guesswork regarding how much you’re taking because each CBD pill bottle is clearly labeled with the serving amount per bottle. 

When taking a CBD capsule, it’s usually recommended to start with a lower serving amount and work your way up to higher strengths until you’ve explored how it affects your body. Every person is different, which means the cannabidiol may interact with each person’s body in a unique way.  Of course it is always important to discuss all supplements you are taking with your doctor or healthcare professional.

Five CBD Brands You’ll Love

Choosing a CBD brand can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you decide by offering you five of the best CBD brands on the market. Each of these brands values transparency, third-party testing, and creating an optimal customer experience. Trying out a new CBD brand just got easier. 

You don’t have to sacrifice quality when purchasing CBD capsules. You also don’t have to settle for less than organic growing practices and CBD that is free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other potentially harmful chemicals. So give these a try! You won’t regret it. 

Our Top Pick – HempFusion

Jason Mitchell N.D. is a Board Member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, an organization committed to the safe production of legal CBD and hemp products in the United States. As a board-certified naturopathic doctor, Mitchell approaches CBD from a more holistic perspective, aiming to implement the safest and healthiest practices from farming up to the moment HempFusion products reach you, the consumer.

HempFusion’s broad-spectrum CBD pills & capsules contain a variety of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, nutritional fatty acids,terpenes,  and phospholipids that work harmoniously to boost your daily wellness making them some of the best CBD capsules around. And it doesn’t stop there. HempFusion’s Oils only uses USDA Certified Organic farming practices to keep pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs, and only the most beneficial compounds in. HempFusion’s CBD oil is third party tested to be free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides & herbicides and the hemp crops are tested to be free of the use of Glyphosates.

HempFusion Broad-Spectrum CBD Capsules come in a variety of options that include: 

Highlights: DNA-verified heirloom industrial hemp which is farmed using USDA Certified Organic practices, third-party, ISO-certified lab test results, gluten-free and vegan, manufactured only in FDA-registered, cGMP facilities, and as close to its natural state as possible.

Ingredients: Broad-spectrum CBD oil, black pepper extract, clove oil, MCT oil from coconut, sunflower seed oil, capsule shell (cellulose and water), organic rosemary extract

2. Cornbread Hemp

Sourced only from its home state of Kentucky, Cornbread Hemp is a favorite in the bluegrass state. Kentucky is positioned on the 37th parallel, which is the same latitude line that runs through the Hindu Kush Mountains. Cornbread Hemp is grown on a limestone rock bed that enriches the plants that grow in this soil rich in calcium and magnesium.

Cornbread Hemp CBD capsules are full-spectrum, which means they contain all of the phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including THC — although always third-party tested to ensure they are compliant with federal laws, remaining below 0.3% THC.

Cornbread Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules include:
25 mg CBD Oil Capsules — 750 mg per bottle

Highlights: Kentucky-grown and sold CBD oil capsules that are enriched with the unique limestone rock bed soil of the area. Full-spectrum CBD oil is rich in all the phytocannabinoids and other compounds found in the hemp plant.

Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract, medium-chain coconut oil, porcine gelatin capsule


With the potential for high-potency CBD in every capsule, CHEEF BOTANICALS offers a range of CBD oil capsules from 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg to 3000mg per bottle. CHEEF BOTANICALS sources its organic hemp from farms in Colorado, and fills a niche in the California market for cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, plant-based CBD products.

CHEEF BOTANICALS Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules offer the full range of cannabinoids in every capsule and provide third-party testing for each product to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Customers enjoy the friendly customer service and option to purchase higher strength CBD oil capsules.

Highlights: Provides organic, non-GMO, vegan CBD capsules with large serving sizes that are always free from artificial colors or flavors.

Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil (coconut-based).

4. Ananda Hemp 

Another consciously grown hemp product, Ananda Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules, utilizes the whole plant. As a full-spectrum hemp extract, all of the cannabinoids, including a compliant less than 0.3% THC, can be found in these capsules. It takes it a step further by carrying the extract in cold-pressed hemp seed oil. While there is often confusion between CBD oil and hemp seed oil, there’s no guessing which one this contains — both!

Ananda Hemp offers third-party testing on all products and is on its way to becoming Certified Organic. They are Certified Glyphosate-Free, which is a harmful chemical found in RoundUp. Conscientious growing practices result in top-quality CBD oil.

Ananda Hemp comes in a variety of options that include:
Full-Spectrum CBD Softgels – 15 mg per capsule
Broad-Spectrum THC-Free CBD Softgels – 15 mg per capsule

Highlights: Full-spectrum and the option for broad-spectrum CBD oil soft gels that offer accurate serving sizes every time. Products are third-party tested from seed to shelf to ensure they are free from herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals.

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, glycerin, sustainably sourced gelatin, full-spectrum hemp extract.

5. Receptra Naturals

As a self-growing, hand-harvested, premium flower hemp farm, Receptra Naturals has created two varieties of CBD oil soft gels that are perfect for those who would prefer to take a capsule along with their other morning vitamins instead of a tincture. Capsules and soft gels are ideal for those who travel and want an easy-to-take, easy-to-measure — no measuring required! — option for managing their health and wellness.

After the founder experienced an injury, CBD was the relief he was seeking, but he struggled to find one that met his high standards. After searching for the best products, he realized that there was plenty of room in the market to create a compliant CBD oil, grown organically and contained the highest quality ingredients available.

Receptra Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Softgels come in two varieties:
Serious Rest CBD Gel Capsules – 25 mg per capsule
Seriously Relax CBD Gel Capsules – 25 mg per capsule

Highlights: Self-grown — i.e., Receptra owns their supply chain allowing more control in the finished product — and hand-harvested, this full-spectrum CBD oil is of high-quality and always third-party tested.

Ingredients: Organic MCT oil, organic sunflower oil, Receptra hemp extract, organic flavors (vanilla and peppermint), natural flavor (chamomile), valerian root extract, organic linalool, soft gel (bovine gelatin, distilled water, and vegetable glycerin). 

The Best CBD Capsules On The Market

Choosing the highest-quality CBD oil capsules on the market is easy enough if you know where to look. We’ve hand-selected these top 5 brands because they’ve made a commitment — and proven their commitment —to consciously growing and producing CBD oil that prioritizes quality, safety, compliance, and efficacy. 


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