The sunny city of Los Angeles is the place many Hollywood celebrities call home, featuring everything from fantastic beaches, grand mansions, and the famed Hollywood sign. If you’re visiting the City of Angels, there are probably lots of exciting things to do that you haven’t tried out yet. Did you know that this city is home to several haunted sites where famous people have either died or sustained severe injuries? 

Things to do in Los Angeles

1. Visit bone-chilling haunted sites

If you are familiar with the sudden passing of Linden and Whittier at the Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle, then you might be aware of the rumors that surround that particular area. 

Locals claim that the intersection in question is actually haunted, given that those who drive by are often caught in accidents later on. 

Of course, the Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle is not the only place that is rumored to be haunted. 

Los Angeles is riddled with haunted sites, from houses to public areas. You will surely feel a chill run up your spine as you venture into these locations. 

2. No trip is complete without going to Disneyland 

One of the most awesome things to do in Los Angeles is to take advantage of amusement park rides, and of course, there is no question that Disneyland would be the #1 recommended spot for that. 

If you want to make the most out of your visit to the “happiest place on Earth,” then you may want to check-in their hotel and/or take a relaxing trip to the Tenaya Stone Spa. 

So, if you are eager to awaken the inner child in you and give your family the experience of a lifetime at the most enchanting amusement park in the world, there is no other place to go than Disneyland.

3. Gaze upon millions of stars at the Griffith Observatory 

If you are not much of a morning person or you simply want to spend your time strolling to different places at night, then you still have a few things to do in Los Angeles that are just as exciting as daytime activities. 

The stars are always fascinating to marvel at, and if that is your thing, then it is highly recommended that you take a trip to the Griffith Observatory. 

Once you visit this place, you have a variety of things to do here, like go to the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and get a glimpse of immersive presentations about the universe and watch educational presentations at the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theatre.

As for the entrance fee, it is completely free! 

4. Check out the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in person 

If you are thinking of things to do in Los Angeles and cannot seem to come up with anything, then you may want to drop by Hollywood Boulevard. 

This place is home to a lot of notable attractions; the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one prime example. 

An estimated 10 million tourists visit the star-spangled street each year, which would only imply that this attraction is something worth seeing as its popularity never seems to die down. 

5. Chow down on a variety of cuisines 

Los Angeles is home to about 140 different nationalities, which is what gave rise to the most cosmopolitan state in terms of cuisine in the US. 

You will be in for a treat if you choose to travel to Los Angeles on your next vacation if you enjoy eating Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Jewish, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Indian, or Persian food—basically any cuisine under the sun. 

Several restaurant recommendations for you to dine at would be Lucky Boy, Anajak Thai, Sushi Chitose, Rosalind’s, Earles on Crenshaw, Soban, and Marouch Restaurant. 

What are you waiting for? Los Angeles offers a rich cultural experience you won’t find in any other city. Whether you stay for a couple of days or a few weeks, soak up as much as you can during your visit!

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