As the spooky season approaches, several brave souls are looking to visit some of the scariest places in the United States. Los Angeles is riddled with plenty of haunted places, some of which were even used in a television series. Therefore, this city is definitely worth a visit for those who are looking to experience paranormal activities themselves. 

But be warned, haunted places are not to be taken lightly and are sometimes said to cause misfortune to those who attempt to enter them. Always proceed with caution, and as much as possible, having a tour guide would be best – if only to help prevent a stumble in the dark.

1. Rosenheim Mansion is one of LA’s most haunted places 

The name of the mansion may seem unfamiliar to people, but once they see pictures of the Rosenheim Mansion, their whole perspective will change. This is especially true for American Horror Story fans because the very same mansion was used in that TV series. Not just once, but thrice. 

But then again, people would speculate whether the entire TV show was taped in the actual mansion. To end this speculation, the first season of American Horror Story: Murder House was not filmed here. Only the pilot episode was shot at the actual location, and the following episodes were all taken using a replica set. 

So yes, we can say that not even the legendary Ryan Murphy would risk filming in such a haunted place just for a TV show. Apparently, disturbing spirits is not worth the trouble, and that is completely understandable. 

Apart from the AHS franchise, other films also chose this location to film some of their scenes, some of them being Spider-Man, Six Feet Under, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

So where does the haunted factor come in? Well, one of the proofs that are proven to be reliable of sorts would come from the account of the current mansion’s owners, Dr. Ernst von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold. On one occasion, Oakenfold spoke to one of the nuns. 

Take note that this nun previously resided in the mansion back when it was a convent. The nun told Oakenfold that she saw the spirit of a former nun rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. Other accounts also exist, but that would be a story for another time. 

2. Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle 

When we hear the words “Beverly Hills,” we automatically think of the rich and wealthy. Although it may have a luxurious background, few people know of its haunted history. 

There is an intersection in Beverly Hills called Linden and Whittier that has claimed the lives of many. No one knows why, and up until this day, there seems to be a lack of any logical explanation for why tragic events occur once people interact with the intersection in question. 

Recorded cases of unfortunate events that took place at this particular intersection resulted in four individuals who either lost their lives or ended up with severe injuries. The last death that took place at Linden and Whittier happened way back in 2010

So far, no accidents have occurred after that. Of course, there are some individuals who are attempting to test the intersection and see if there truly is a curse there. 

3. Griffith Park 

A former zoo that was established from 1912 to 1966 was converted into a picnic area when a new attraction, the Los Angeles Zoo, was built. For a lot of tourists, they adored the park during the day given that the greenery there gives off a calming ambiance. 

However, the same cannot be said once night falls. Rumors have been going around within the community of Los Angeles, and this has stirred up several controversies surrounding Griffith Park. 

Some say that the old park had a curse cast upon it 150 years ago. Aside from this creepy rumor, there have been several eyewitnesses that said they saw the ghosts of the 15 dead animals that were once captive in unlivable conditions at the zoo. 

It only gets more disturbing from here. The tormented animals that suffered slow and painful deaths are just the tip of the iceberg. The bone-chilling story about Griffith Park is that it is a place where dead bodies have been found scattered around the park. 

This place is definitely not for the faint of heart. For those who are brave enough to venture into the park, they may do so by accessing the park’s official website for more information. 

4. The Culver Studios 

Another location in Los Angeles that makes people’s hair stand on end is The Culver Studios. This place houses the mystery behind the death of one of the most legendary movie producers in Hollywood, Thomas Ince. 

The story goes like this: Ince was accidentally shot and killed by William Rudolph Hearst. The reason behind this was that the mistress of Hearst, Marion Davies, entertained another man named Charlie Chaplin. As Hearst was about to pull off his scheme by attempting to shoot Chaplin, he accidentally shot Ince instead. 

Rumor has it that Ince’s ghost roams the studio. In an attempt to make his presence known, he shows poltergeists signs and makes them physically feel things even though nothing is physically there. 

Aside from Ince’s ghost, other spirits roam the halls of this studio. The presence of the people who have previously worked there, as well as children, will be felt by those who visit. 

5. “The Entity” House 

The final haunted place in Los Angeles would be The Entity House. People say that the living are much scarier than spirits. However, that is not the case with Doris Bither. A mother to four sons, her life was about to turn for the worst. She occupied the infamous house in the 1970s, and since then, she has only been through nothing but suffering. 

Aside from her withering health condition as a result of trauma and substance abuse, she had a terrifying experience one night. She was defiled by three spirits, and since then, the violent hauntings have never stopped. 

By now, the house is being occupied by a different family, and fortunately for them, they do not experience anything out of the ordinary. Sadly, things did not end too well for Bither. Despite moving out of the house, the hauntings ended up following her. 

Curious visitors may visit the famed Entity House to take pictures if they like. They may be met with disappointment since it has not shown any paranormal activities as of late, nonetheless, the house itself once harbored violent spirits and terrifying events. 

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