In its third year, Drink: Eat: Play's LA Beer Fest, on Saturday, April 9th at Sony Studios, is “a lot bigger, with more distributors and food trucks,” says event producer Dan Silberstein. If you've never been, this isn't like your typical wine or liquor tasting with cheese and cracker bits. There are over 300 beers to try, and substantial food is in order. “We wanted to get food that goes well with beer. Not sushi, but food like barbecue and sausage,” Silberstein says. There will be an array of food options including a country-style food truck, NomNom, Bower Sausage, Grilled Cheese Truck, Komodo, Ahn Joo, Crepe'n Around, and others.

Adding 30,000 square feet of space to the venue this year, there will be plenty of room for music acts such as Metal Shop and Black Crystal Wolf Kids. “After a few beers you'll be singing along,” says Silberstein of the 80s cover and indie-rock bands. Among the hundreds of breweries featured, local vendors include Angel City; Inland Empire; and SoCal Beer Company.

The $40 per-person event, divided in two parts, from 12-3 p.m. and 5-8 p.m., will most likely sell out by Wednesday or Thursday, we're told. Purchase your tickets accordingly.

2010 Beer Fest; Credit: Drink:Eat:Play

2010 Beer Fest; Credit: Drink:Eat:Play

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