If you watch KTLA you will have seen the recent piece on Elina Shatkin's burger odyssey, 30 Burgers in 30 Days, in which she has been eating her way through Los Angeles' burger joints. If you don't watch KTLA, you can watch the segment here on YouTube. It's good to have documented evidence, not only in print but in film, of this sort of thing. For all of us burger voyeurs, and, perhaps, for her cardiologist.

“I am worried about my health,” admits Shatkin to the KTLA reporter, as she has also admitted in one or two writers' meetings over the past month. As her editor, we think her idea of what to catalog next, 30 Salads in 30 Days, is not a bad one. Or maybe 30 Consommés in 30 Days. Any suggestions for her next odyssey, please consider writing them in the comments section. (If you suggest 30 Hot Dogs in 30 Days, we will override you, for Elina's sake if nothing else. Well, unless she eats them all at Dodger Stadium with Andre Ethier.)

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