3 Ways Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali Esmail Delivers an Unparalleled High-End Patient Experience

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As Winnipeg’s first and only Double Board Certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Esmail is highly sought-after for procedures like rhinoplasty, forehead reduction, and face and neck lifts, among others.

But Dr. Ali’s comprehensive portfolio of amazing before-and-after patient photos is just one reason people travel to Visage, his clinic in Winnipeg. More than stellar results, patients keep coming back to experience the pampered, first-class patient experience he delivers through the following means:

1. Appointments That Begin With a Conversation

“In reality, people don’t come to our clinic for a neck lift or a rhinoplasty,” says Dr. Ali. “They come because they want to look younger or because there’s something that makes them insecure about how they look. And frequently, the surgery or procedure they have in mind is not the best way to achieve the look that they want.”

Dr. Ali Esmail explains that the best way to determine what a patient needs is to have a conversation before moving forward.

“Some patients come in thinking their biggest problem area is their sagging cheeks, for instance,” says Dr. Ali. “But when I find out their goal is to look less tired, I’d find that the best way to achieve the look they want is to address their eyes. So it’s important to have that conversation to ensure our patients get the outcome they want and the best bang for their buck.”

An essential part of this pre-surgery conversation is setting the right expectations for the patient regarding cost, the surgery process, and the aftercare needed for each case. An educated patient is often a happy patient.

2. Exceptional Care from a Patient Concierge  

Every patient entering the beautiful Visage clinic receives a concierge to attend to all their needs pre and during surgery. This method helps to remove any anxiety a patient may have, especially for some who may be going ‘under the knife for the first time.

Esmail says the clinic’s patient-concierge relationship ensures the highest level of care for all patients.

“Care at Visage starts from the moment they call our clinic, which can be an intense, intimidating scenario for many people,” says Dr. Ali. “We do our best to welcome them and make them feel as comfortable as possible so they can feel relaxed and enjoy the journey they are about to embark on..”

 3. Going the Extra Mile Post-Surgery

After treatment, Dr. Ali’s patients are sent home with a care package. This package includes products like gauze, ointments, ice packs, skin care products or anything they might need as part of their aftercare routine, along with instructions on how to use them.

“All of our homecare products are inclusive in their treatment costs,” says Dr. Ali Esmail. “That means they don’t have to pay for and spend the time to collect all those small things that would help them through recovery. It also takes away the thought process of what they’re supposed to do after visiting the clinic.”

Dr. Ali adds that when patients from outside Winnipeg need to stay in a nearby hotel for their surgery, his clinic offers rides to and from the clinic plus special hotel rates through Visage.

“And if they are overnight by themselves post-treatment, we also can arrange a nursing service for someone to stay with them for the night,” he says.

Altogether, these value-adding services and level of care show that Dr. Ali is genuinely deserving of the love and loyalty afforded to him by his patients.

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